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ValleyBiggs, and its sister company,, has been engaged to locate a buyer for an exciting, super high growth eCommerce company in the Health, Beauty & Wellness segments. The target is an accelerating company operating 2 cohesive brands that have been developed and scaled via the eCommerce channel.

Through Amazon, the company has recognized significant growth since inception – and growing rapidly! The company started out in the wellness; the brand gained such massive notoriety that ownership decided to expand into Skincare, which fit within the health and wellness play of the it’s offerings. The company’s skincare SKUs now represent a bulk of the sales generated for a nice overall mix of sales through various offerings, reducing the concentration issue often found with many Amazon companies.

This is a rare breed in the eCommerce space – very few companies are able to grow their private label brands at such a rapid pace, and certainly not with this level of cash flow. The company has developed over two dozen products that are all domestically sourced and made with only the best, natural ingredients and organic infusions. The products are designed to promote physical health and wellness, both inside and out.

Product categories primarily served by this eCommerce company are wrinkle reduction, anti-aging creams, proprietary formulations, shampoos, facial serums, facial masks and body scrubs.

Founded in March of 2015, the Company has absolutely phenomenal performance metrics with 300% TTM Sales Growth, 80% Gross Margins and Bottom Line earnings of $5.7M on $14.5M in Sales. Phenomenal is an understatement.

The Company’s primary sales channel is eCommerce, through both and its 2 branded websites. Amazon represents over 95% of the sales mix today, representing a large scale opportunity off Amazon. The business is easily relocatable to anywhere in the world, and requires no warehouse space. Since all inventory is stocked through Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) warehouses, the company does not require warehouse space of any kind. This allows a new owner a great deal of flexibility from both location and scale perspectives. The company can be operated from any location, and by not having the overhead, capital expenditures or other challenges of a warehouse, the new owner can be focused on growing the company from day one.

The Company has numerous opportunities for immediate scale. These include the development and launching of new products (many of which are already identified, purchased and in the process of launching now); category development; SEO and PPC campaigns for the branded websites; adding the product array to other online sales channels like Walmart, Jet, etc.; taking the company to the Retail segment; adding an army of Affiliate Marketers to begin selling the products on other online forums; and, growing the company internationally by using Amazon FBA platforms located around the world. The products sold by this company would do very well in other countries.

With two separate brands, a whole host of growth opportunities available, and massive Cash Flow, this company is ripe for an investor to enter and use the existing foundation to continue growth, adding a great deal of additional value. This Internet Company has everything smart entrepreneurs, investors and lenders are looking for in an M&A opportunity: High Growth, Multiple Proprietary Product Lines, over $5M in EBITDA, Highly Scalable and Clean Numbers.

This Private Label eCommerce Company Represented by:

ValleyBiggs and
Tech & Internet M&A Firms

Asking Price
$ 24,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 5,691,881
Gross Income
$ 14,488,598
Year Established