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The target is one of the largest online retailers of Health and Personal Care & Wellness Consumer Products on the Amazon Platform, with sales growing rapidly on over 20,000 active SKUs. The company primarily sells products in the high demand Vitamins, Supplements, Skincare and similar categories. Most categories sold are those commonly found in pharmacies. YTD Profit is up 32% over the prior year with very little end in sight due to the number of scale opportunities immediately available to the company.

With 8 year of business under its belt, this Amazon FBA behemoth has weathered the storm of change at Amazon and continued to grow with the platform. Just the sales velocity, know-how and skills gained through this acquisition alone are highly valuable since these skills and the system used to rank on the platform can be leveraged across almost any category or product on the platform. The business has over 166,000 lifetime ratings and a large number of Best Seller Tags on Buy Boxes owned.

Logistics are primarily handled through Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) platform. All sales are strictly on the Amazon platform – and currently only in the United States – leaving massive growth potential in other countries and other sales channels. No warehouse space is necessary for this business to operate as it is today – only office space. However, if an acquisition company would like to scale this business beyond Amazon, warehouse space or a 3PL will be necessary.

Scale options include an immediate opportunity to take the current product line and beginning selling on other Amazon platforms, including the UK, EU, Canada and more. Vitamins, Supplements and Skincare tend to do very well via online sales channels, so this is truly an immediate opportunity where the only real investment will be on inventory and conversions of listings into other languages. Additionally, taking these same products to the Walmart Platform is also a big opportunity. No sales are generated through any website storefront either, so this could be further developed with Adwords & Social Media used to drive sales.

This business has created a system for choosing products, locating quality manufactures, launching new products and scaling those products on the Amazon platform. 95% of this retailer’s revenue is driven by various Health & Personal Care Categories, and there is very little SKU concentration in the mix – a solid value proposition for any eCommerce retailer.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a high growth company that continues to scale Year over Year and Month over Month, with a large infrastructure and redundancy built into the model. This would be a great Platform Amazon Business by which other, smaller Amazon companies and brands could be bolted on.

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Asking Price
$ 47,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 8,779,435
Gross Income
$ 62,437,348
Year Established