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The target is a unique opportunity to purchase a growing eCommerce Retail company operating via 3 brands in the Health and Personal Wellness Sectors, specifically in “Ever-Green” sub-categories that are always in high demand with consumers of multiple demographics. This is a well-rounded product and category assortment that helps eliminate risk associated with concentration and seasonality. All products have been specifically selected with a vision towards a long term strategy and brand-building. No seasonal, trendy or technological products are picked for these brands. However, the products are exceptionally gift-able in nature, and thus generate a large portion (~35%) of sales during the holidays, including Christmas, Valentine`s Day, Mother`s day and father`s Day.

The company recognized a 350%+ YOY growth rate and forecasts strong growth as a continued opportunity for many years to come. The business is currently laser-focused on 15 consumer products via 3 trademarked brands and operates on 6 Amazon marketplaces as well as other sales channels … which are gathering momentum. The company entered the EU marketplace by forming a subsidiary company in 2017.

Brand #1 is focused on electric massagers and other wellness and spa products. Currently, it consists only of massagers, but soon to be added are heated blankets, heated pads and heated mattress covers. Despite being electrical products, these are not technology-driven products and are likely to serve the market for many more years to come.

Brand #2 is in the Men’s Beard Grooming sector, which is growing rapidly – estimated to reach $30B USD by 2024. This brand is focused on bringing the best beard care kits to market, while also expanding its catalog into the shaving industry. This is an ever-green personal care market that is targeted to a very specific audience and is doing very well in the Amazon marketplace.

Brand #3 is a mix of everyday personal care essentials, mainly for the female demographic. These products include bath brushes, loofahs and hair brushes … and are among the most stable offerings within consumer products. The audience is broad in this category and allows adding specifically, well-performing products from different personal care sub-categories.

A portfolio of brands, this business is built for success and has the foundation necessary to grow exponentially given the velocity created by the current SKUs. Fulfillment logistics are managed by Amazon (Fulfilled by Amazon – FBA) from head to toe and all back-end operations are handled by high-quality, seasoned staff members. No stone has been left unturned by ownership in their quest to blow the doors off the segments it operates in and dominate Amazon.

This Consumer Products Portfolio of Brands represented by:

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Asking Price
$ 13,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 3,505,716
Gross Income
$ 13,321,214
Year Established