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High Growth Amazon FBA Brand in the Gift Sets Category (Gift Sets & Baskets) – 30% YOY Growth Rate – Highly Unique Gift Sets with Kitting Team in Place – Endless Growth Opportunities


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand with an array of U.S. and International clients that cherish the concepts behind their products. This brand’s Gift Sets have become huge sellers on Amazon, and given their unique nature, they are very difficult to replicate by other sellers. If a buyer has been looking for that special Amazon FBA Business to acquire that is easy to run, has defensive moats, has unique products that only this brand sells, then this is the business to investigate. We’re here to tell you – this one is special and it will not last long.

Amazon is the go-to marketplace for gifts for all occasions. With free, 1- and 2-day shipping and easy returns, 3rd Party Sellers on the Amazon Platform have grown year over year due to Amazon’s popularity as an eCommerce behemoth. Not only does this business now have prime placement on the platform for the “gift baskets” it sells, they have also developed a great relationship with a company that “kits” all of their products. A kitting company is one that takes individual items and puts them together into gift packaging so that all products are sold as one unit. Now that this is in place, the entire inventory management and ordering process for this business is very easy to manage. But more importantly, as a growth vehicle, literally any combination of products can be sent to the kitting company for them to turn into a unique, one-of-a-kind SKU for sale on Amazon. After the products are kitted, they are then sent directly to Amazon’s warehouses – a completely hands off approach to the entire product side of this business. There are now endless SKU possibilities to be added to the high velocity account selling on Amazon, making an ROI for this business very fast and uncapped.

This enterprise has understood the importance of gift giving from day one. The product category for this business is “gift sets” or “gift baskets”. The company has shown an impressive amount of business savvy in how it packages its SKUs and how it draws an audience now spanning across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. One major boon to their model is the simultaneous simplicity and diversity across their offerings. The company was launched in 2018 to sell gifts, with a goal of building up a loyal base of people looking for a present-provide. The question was, what kind of gift items? That question was answered strategically, though careful research. First, the company did a search of gift-related keywords that had solid search volume. The brand also looked for gift sets that had an average selling price of around $20. A final key to the puzzle was researching the buyer demographics gift sets, and what their general interests were. From that research, the company began fashioning its own entirely unique gift sets designed to serve the needs of those buyers – with a catch – the company’s SKUs would offer something different, something entirely original that was high quality but difficult for rival businesses to duplicate.

The product of this careful planning turned out to be unique Gift Sets targeted for various occasions: Get Well Soon sets, as well as those geared to Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, among others. Sporting a host of products in each set – ranging from wellness blankets to tea with honey, toys, and gourmet food – their Gift Sets went well beyond offering what a standard gift set might offer. Their Average Order Value is also higher than that of others in the field, at $36.50 – and as a result, their sales and profits are rising at a strong Year over Year pace.

Amazon Provided the Ideal Sales Platform. While the company has a Shopify website, sales are primarily generated on Amazon, which has opened this brand to that eCommerce giant’s millions of shoppers. This brilliant decision has led to sales growth practically wrapped in a ribbon and tied in a bow, thanks in part to rave reviews from customers describing how their products were the ideal gifts for multiple occasions, from birthdays to holidays to something special for a departing coworker. In a short period of time, the brand has scored a 4.9 Seller Rating on Amazon and has received numerous Amazon’s Choice Badges. Amazon has also provided practical advantages to the brand in the form of PPC ads, allowing them to target customers and see sales extending outside the United States to now include buyers in Canada and Mexico.

Maintaining strong customer service gets easier when orders are conveniently processed and shipped through Fulfillment By Amazon, giving the brand fast deliveries that customers appreciate when these gift sets are needed for an upcoming event such as a wedding or anniversary. Customers order all year long, although there are impressive peaks during the holidays and special events, particularly Mother’s Day. Their demographic sounds simple – people looking to purchase a unique gift. However, there is no “typical” customer because their SKUs appeal to virtually all groups, regardless of age, gender, race or ethnicity, or income level. The company casts a very wide net, and it pays off handsomely.

They face minimal competition. Gift boxes are very popular with consumers today, in part because they can be used for creatively packaging and bundling numerous products that include jewelry, electronic gadgets, toys, personal care products and cosmetics.  For this brand, though, there are virtually no direct competitors for a simple reason: No one sells gift sets with the same themes or mix of specialized products inside them. This brand has become a niche leader by being the only source for what they sell and more importantly, knowing what the customer wants – this know-how can easily be transitioned to a buyer. New products are already in development and ready to be deployed in 2022. The brand is 100% Private Label. All products are proprietary and trademarked. Anyone looking to purchase these Gift Sets have only one place to go, and that’s Sales channels can be expanded – but one might ask why when it’s so easy to scale by just staying on Amazon and 10X’ing the number of offerings available.

Scale is Unlimited. Within just three years, the brand has found a strong audience for its unique SKUs, enjoyed recurring revenues, and earned glowing reviews. The ability to scale this business is truly a gift for a buyer. Digital marketing offers this brand enormous growth potential by increasing outreach and tapping into popular unboxing trends. An active social media marketing campaign would be particularly effective, featuring photos of satisfied customers showing off their Gift Sets and similar curated content would create a terrific opportunity to boost organic traffic. An influencer campaign would serve the same purpose, particularly by targeting those who make a brand name for themselves off of family, hosting, and mystery boxes. Organic searches would get an additional boost through an SEO program if a buyer invested in having the website fully optimized for keywords to improve their search engine rankings, and a blog on the site would likely be well read, not only by the general public, but especially with themed blogs related to gift giving on events such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

Expanding sales channels would also prove effective, including launching sales on sites such as Walmart, or using Amazon’s overseas platforms to attract a significantly larger international audience in Europe or Australia. Offering “American” subscription boxes to these markets could also prove successful: International snack and drink subscriptions are a popular category, and this brand could tap into existing supplier relationships to stock a similar product geared toward European audiences.

Purchasing a business with a product that is specialized and has demonstrated immense popularity with consumers is a smart proposition. There’s no time quite like the “present” to snag this deal! Reach out to Website Closers today to get a better understanding of how successfully this brand will enhance your business portfolio.

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