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High Growth eCommerce Brand | Performance Auto Parts | 1M+ Views on Video Marketing | 40,000 Monthly Uniques | 30% Repeat Order Rate

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Website Closers® presents an Automotive Aftermarket company, specializing in high-quality performance and tuning solutions.  With a high Average Order Value of $600 and a thriving presence on social media, this company has increased its profits in the last year as its marketing plan has boosted organic traffic and reduced its advertising costs.

With some products sold exclusively under their name and a strong brand reputation, the company now enjoys a rising 30% Repeat Customer Rate.  Engaging with customers has gotten easier thanks to their social media marketing plan, which has brought them 19,000+ Instagram followers and 10,000+ on Facebook. The company also engages effectively with customers through Facebook groups that have helped connect them with 10,000 vehicle owners.

The global automotive aftermarket is a massive one, valued at $427 billion in 2022, and projected to grow by 4% through 2030. This is also an industry shifting rapidly toward the digital space. The aftermarket is now going online, where more and more afterparts are being sold as customers become comfortable with making online purchases.

With more than 278 million personal and commercial vehicles registered in the U.S. and 92% of U.S. households owning at least one vehicle, the auto aftermarket industry has an enormous audience to target.

This is also a highly automated business, one that functions on the Dropshipping model, with only 10% of its inventory being stocked. The company has made this a successful operation by partnering with suppliers that keep products in cutting-edge warehouses where orders can be quickly processed and shipped.  This has given the company a reputation for fast and efficient deliveries. With more than 9,000+ products available, customers also appreciate the wide selection being offered to them.

For a buyer, this business is similar to a well-maintained auto, one that operates at maximum capacity and is picking up speed when it comes to revenue. With numerous scale options available to the buyer, this company is ready to get into the fast lane and enjoy accelerating growth.

The Company

Launched six years ago, the company has become a leading online automotive aftermarket eCommerce retailer that provides customers with SKUs that are modern, high quality, and high-performance.  The company also specializes in providing the widest range of Body Tuning options, everything from carbon fiber accessories to spoilers, the company has become the go-to hub for plenty of car enthusiasts.

A major push has also been made to win over devoted Nissan fans through performance enhancement packages for the Nissan GT-R R35.

The current ownership fully understands what excites and motivates vehicle owners about the auto aftermarket field, having been passionate about automobiles and racing cars for decades. As a result, the company works with the very best brand names in the industry, including many new ones that came online after the pandemic lockdowns shifted consumer spending online.

With strong connections to its customers through social media, the company now enjoys strong peaks in sales during the first few months of the year as customers get their tax returns, and again in the fall and especially around the holidays. The brand does particularly well during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.


The company is careful about selecting the right products to market and has honed its skills in finding reliable and trustworthy vendors. They work with business-savvy vendors offering quality items available for timely shopping. As a result, with 9,000+ SKUs to offer, the company normally stocks just $10,000 worth of inventory.

This has also given the brand expertise in automobiles and how to market auto parts, a skill that plenty of their competitors lack. In a highly competitive field such as this one, that’s a major advantage that a new owner inherits.

The company also designs and manufactures some products in-house, by supplying concepts, laser scans, and OEM parts to their manufacturing partner.  With most products conveniently Dropshipped, the company only stocks certain products in a 200-square-foot warehouse, and the company’s daily tasks are handled by four employees who over sales, website and inventory management, and customer support.


Marketing remains one of the company’s greatest strengths. The current ownership has become an expert at managing PPC ad campaigns on Google, but they also generate plenty of organic traffic to their website through their sophisticated social media marketing campaigns. Their fast-growing followings on Instagram and Facebook continue to expand their customer base and include postings from two sponsored drivers who write compelling stories on their platforms to keep their customer engagement high.

They also have a video marketing campaign on YouTube geared toward owners and fans of Mustangs with the turbocharged EcoBoost engine. There are numerous Facebook groups these car enthusiasts are part of, and this brand has been skillful at reaching out to them.  Their YouTube videos have generated one million+ views, and the organic traffic this provides has given the company 40,000+ unique monthly visitors.

That’s complemented by an SEO program that focuses on content creation done in-house, including original high-definition photos to attract more viewers to their website.

This brand has built up a huge and loyal following by providing customers with a platform where users can access product information from the company’s owners, who have hands-on experience with the auto accessories they sell. That knowledge and expertise have given them a sharp competitive edge in this field and enabled the brand to stand out as an industry leader.

For a buyer, this company’s strong recurring revenues and its experienced team allow them to focus on scaling this company and appealing to an even wider net of car enthusiasts.

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WC 3246

Asking Price
$ 1,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 313,910
Gross Income
$ 1,654,217
Year Established

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