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High Growth Health & Wellness eCommerce Brand | 3 Brands | 75%+ Recurring Customers | In-House Manufacturing | 30% Net Margins | Skincare, Kids & Adults Supplements

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce company with a trio of individual Health & Wellness brands at their disposal, with each of the 3 brands offering a range of natural and innovative products appealing to customers who prefer a more holistic touch. With the market having seen a drastic surge of interest throughout the last few years, and independent Amazon and Shopify storefronts with unique products set up for each brands, every site possesses its own unique strengths.

Their products include such popular offerings as Liquid Supplements for Kids, a Natural Skincare Line that uses the purest ingredients possible, and a large line of Nutritional Supplements that addresses many of the common problems that plague adults.

As their SKUs are in high demand among an increasingly health-conscious consumer base, they now enjoy an impressive year-over-year (YOY) growth rate of 176% and 30% SDE margins. However, one of the most impressive aspects of this acquisition has been their 85% customer retention rate, which is a remarkable trait to find among just about any eCommerce brand.

Here are some of the other reasons why our brokers are excited about this deal.

  • They’ve got an extensive track record.

While the current ownership acquired these brands several years ago, each has been operating for some time, with their nutritional supplements site being the oldest at over 20 years. Their age has given them a solid digital presence in the lucrative health care, wellness and beauty care market, and a well-established reputation. Their customers are often happy to praise their products, giving them a great source of word-of-mouth advertising.

  • They have a broad reach.

Organic advertising isn’t their only method of targeting new customers. The company has over 100,000 subscribers in their database, which they make use of through an email marketing strategy that keeps customers engaged and drives repeat sales. They supplement this with SMS text messaging, Google PPC ads, and Amazon PPC ads. Their Amazon ads have been especially effective in attracting new customers through a strategy that focuses on obtaining higher conversion rates than their rivals, drawing fresh eyes to their products.

  • They’ve got an extensive track record.

The company markets across multiple sales channels, including Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Though some of their products are most popular on their Shopify storefronts, others have excelled on Amazon, providing the business with high recurring and diversified revenue. While there’s plenty of competition to be found across these sites, they have set themselves apart with their excellent products and marketing tactics, and have been able to take advantage of the rising interest in buying health-related products from online shops.

The company is the owner of many of their formulas, which keeps customers coming back for products that they can’t find anywhere else. These products are made with the commitment to providing high-quality and all-natural wellness products that enhance their customers’ day-to-day lives. Their SKUs have an especially strong appeal among consumers interested in taking a holistic approach to their health and beauty needs, letting the brand target a highly diverse consumer base: from parents interested in boosting their children’s health, to older demographics hoping to look after their own bodies.

Their products are manufactured by reliable suppliers in both the US and overseas plants, and they possess inhouse manufacturing capabilities that add to their exclusivity and control over product quality. All their SKUs are manufactured specifically for them

Each brand has its own top-selling products, keeping the company from being reliant on any single product for their profits. Their Average Order Value (AOV) varies from $109.45 to $29.18, and their diverse mix of products keep them from being impacted by seasonal factors.

This acquisition is highly turnkey, with a capable and highly skilled team in place to keep the gears turning as they should. Their daily operations are handled by an experienced team that includes a marketing manager, fulfillment manager, Amazon specialist, and supply chain manager. They use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to ensure quick shipment times, improving their customer satisfaction levels. Their inventory is stocked in a 4,000- square-foot warehouse in Miami before being sent to FBA.

Despite the business consisting of 3 brands, their operations have been streamlined to the point that the current ownership requires as little as 5 hours per week or less on management.

Their extensive range of products across niche, yet profitable and ever-growing fields has a fantastic position to grow, which is only bolstered by their masterful approach to generating sales. With a variety of ways to scale each brand, a skilled buyer will be able to grow these 3 brands into even stronger sources of profit.

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WC 3309

Asking Price
$ 3,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 735,320
Gross Income
$ 2,476,576
Year Established

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