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High Margin Internet Business that Sells Residential Land. $100,000+ of Inventory Included


Website Closers® presents a dynamic Internet Business that has developed a unique system for selling Residential Land. The company has experienced tremendous success by developing a detailed system that effectively determines how, when, and where to buy and relist specific properties. This offering includes $100,000 of land inventory at retail value.

Their system has become enormously profitable, with 35 properties sold on average monthly. The land that this company liquidates generates huge gross profit margins on an average order value of $645. This land and real estate business has proven to be entirely resistant to an economic downturn, and with their systems being highly automated, there is limited owner involvement since the system is fully set up to be functional on its own. This is an exceedingly innovative offering with plenty of room for sharp growth, including by targeting higher price range properties and expanding beyond the current focus to use this highly efficient model for other regions of the country.

This business was launched four years ago to provide interested buyers with an opportunity to purchase land. This company will purchase those properties at low prices, which then get passed on to their buyers. Their custom software successfully takes large amounts of abstract data that generates readable, graphical reports, and their Acquisition Analyst searches the reports to find the best properties to liquidate. This dynamic operating model allows the company to sell land with absolute minimal overhead and operating costs.

The system has brought in strong revenues! Liquidating uncared for and underdeveloped land has enabled this company to negotiate jaw-droppingly low prices for each of their land assets and seriously bring home the bacon given that OPEX is minimal. Rather than developing and flipping the land and new or renovated buildings, this business sells their assets to investors and real estate companies to drive low overhead costs and a swift return on investment.

Their services are provided entirely through their website, and there are multiple ways to successfully expand this offering. The company could experience a dramatic growth curve through digital marketing initiatives by launching an SEO program, paid and organic social media engagement, and blog creation to boost web traffic and widen the customer base.

Content marketing and community engagement have proven to be immensely impactful in both the Home Building and DIY industries, and this brand could also develop new industry partnerships with real estate agents and land developers, which is also certain to help skyrocket this company’s success rate.

The company could also grow rapidly through a geographic expansion of its service. Currently, this company sells land in an extremely restricted area. Widening that region is sure to increase profits exponentially. Utilizing this company’s successful business model and multitude of land assets, an incoming owner can effectively develop advantageous relationships with real estate developers, contractors, and other land development service providers in order to extend the scope of their services and create an incredibly lucrative referral system.

The company has an email database of 1,000+ addresses and could initiate an email marketing campaign to boost sales as well.

The current ownership spends less than one hour per week checking on operational concerns. At the moment, this company works with 4 part-time team members who each work as remote sub-contractors. A buyer could easily take over the role of salesperson and immediately increase the bottom line by 20%.

No special skills are needed to operate this business. An entirely responsive company, this target offers a multitude of workload options. Spending little to no time on this offering, an owner could easily maintain this company’s current success and growth trajectory while providing an excellent return on investment.

A strong investment operating within an increasingly lucrative and evergreen market, this acquisition is an incredible opportunity to secure a solid business with impactful market share and reputation. Proven digital marketing initiatives and an email marketing campaign would help build up brand awareness while the company is ideally positioned to expand into other states and demonstrate that their proven success offers limitless potential for increased profits.

This company is easily improved and expanded to create sustainable and boundless success. This brand is truly an unrivaled offering that will bring extensive profit to any new buyer.

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Asking Price
$ 712,000
Cash Flow
$ 197,898
Gross Income
$ 304,996
Year Established

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