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The target eCommerce company represents a highly profitable opportunity to step into a uniquely positioned and firmly established 5 STAR Amazon Retailer in the consumer recreational and outdoor apparel and outfitting space. The company\’s books and records are very clean, making this a great opportunity for anyone looking to get into a growing online sector.

The company uses the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Program, which means that its products are shipped by Amazon via Prime, 2-day Shipping. Additionally, because Amazon handles all of the pick, pack and shipping associated with this business, there is no reason to pay for a warehouse, warehouse employees or many the nuances associated with a warehouse business.

This company has successfully realized year-over-year growth, and the foundation that has been created is set to continue that growth for many years to come. This business recognizes a great Gross Margin with an agile product line that does not go stale or out of date. Whether it’s weight training gear, sport-specific or highly specialized equipment for the most demanding enthusiast – this retailer maintains a broad and dynamic SKU lineup that is in high demand and presentable at all times – nothing but the most salient, high volume, top-brand products move across their listings.

An acquirer of this company can begin growing the business immediately by adding SKUs to the line up, by diversify into Intentional markets using Amazon\’s platform in other countries/regions, by creating a proprietary product line to increase margins, or by simply expanding sales channels into an eCommerce storefront and other marketplaces.

This is a great business that will go under contract very quickly; please contact us quickly if you are interested.

Business Represented By:
Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 120,000
Cash Flow
$ 47,000
Gross Income
$ 116,670
Year Established

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