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High Growth Online Publishing House for Novelists | 47% YOY Profit Growth | $2,499 AOV | Worldwide Operations | Experienced Team | Full Distro Rights

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Website Closers® presents a high growth Worldwide Publishing House that has helped to make the dreams of new and old novelists alike come true by giving them a platform for their works, making it easier to promote to a wider audience. Their value as a reputable independent publishing house has made them a highly appealing option for writers, especially with the publishing world having been so drastically changed from what it was before by the rise of the internet.

Their main attraction has been their book self-publishing and ghostwriting services, which are two highly in-demand offerings in their market. Regardless of whether a novelist is interested in publishing the fruits of their labor, or a creative is hoping to see their ideas brought to life, the brand can offer them the type of service that was once exclusive to top publishers like Random House.

The brand also generates organic traffic with each book they bring to market, as their logo can be found on all their published works. The copyrights of these books are then registered to both their author and the brand, with the brand maintaining distribution rights.

The brand has published nearly 1,000 novels, and has recently introduced a third key service centered around providing audio books to clients. This service, complemented by the steady growth of the selfpublishing and audiobook markets, is promising for the company’s future. They have already seen steady growth in recent years, with their Average Order (AOV) having grown from over $1,980 in 2021 to $2,499 in 2022.

A significant factor behind their success has been the fact that their novels are available worldwide, giving them access to a vast potential consumer base. They have reached a year-over-year (YOY) revenue growth rate of 71%, and 47% YOY SDE growth. Their reach, excellent services, and strong marketing campaign that incorporates SEO practices have all contributed to them sitting at the top ranking on Google searches for Book Publishing.

Here are a few reasons why our brokers feel that this brand is a real page-turner.

  • Their industry is fantastically evergreen. There is a healthy public interest in novels with novelty: that is, new and interesting books on the market. This, alongside the countless writers eager to self-publish and establish themselves in the literary world, has created a great environment for this brand to flourish.
  • They have strong upsell opportunities. They have over 12,000 subscribers in their email database, which can be utilized with strategic marketing campaigns to promote their other services. This can be used to upsell their new audiobook services to their existing clients and cultivate customer loyalty, bolstering their rising Repeat Customer Rate.
  • They have a thorough marketing campaign. The brand uses several tactics to generate their revenue, such as their logo-based tactic, and specially chosen keywords in the site’s metadata. Their most successful strategy, however, has been Google PPC ads, which accounts for 87% of their total traffic. Their advertising campaign has given them an average rate of between 11,000 to 14,300 unique visitors every month, which, in 2022, translated to roughly 5,670 conversions with an 8.5% click-through rate. They now see an average of 470 qualified leads every month.
  • They are continually working to improve. The company is in the process of establishing a new website that exclusively serves the US and other English-speaking regions, which they expect will drive a sharp rise in their sales.
  • Their operations are easily managed. The brand has been optimized in such a way that the current ownership requires no more than 10 hours a week to handle operations. Additionally, because the operations in question are handled digitally, they have no need for inventory, warehouses, or brick-and mortar offices, making it possible for the buyer to run the brand from anywhere in the world.

Worldwide Bilingual Publishing.

The brand has built their glowing reputation through the quality of their worldwide publishing services since their launch, as well as the English and Spanish translation services they provide alongside them. The reach of their publishing service has made it their best-selling package, and their translation and new audiobook services are quickly rising to make up a larger part of their revenue as well. Their package deal, which combines ghostwriting services with global publishing, has also been well-received among their consumers.

Their services have been popular among novelists who have penned a book, but haven’t been able or hadn’t known how to publish it. The brand had 444 clients by the end of 2022, with their consumer base being nearly evenly divided between men (55%) and women in mid-to-high income levels. They have little to no seasonality for their 7 service offerings, and with their capable team of independent contractors running day-to-day operations, they have seen steady recurring revenue that is growing with time.


Their contractor team serves as the spine of their business. They have working for them a general manager responsible for day-to-day tasks and operations, a sales manager, a graphic design manager, a copy and content manager, a customer service representative, and a sales coordinator and representative. They also have additional contractors that are available to work on the book cover and layout, copy editing, proofreading, translations, social media postings, and web development.

Each book that the brand publishes has a schedule for each department to manage, and when a book is ready to be brought to market, the employees responsible for working on it contact the author to make sure everything meets their specifications.


This acquisition stands to grow and profit as long as there are writers hoping to publish their works, and with so many new and old novelists in the world, there’s no lack of demand for this brand. They are in a great place for a buyer to pick up and carry them forward, especially as the current ownership is offering 50% Seller Financing alongside the deal.

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WC 3304

Asking Price
$ 1,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 404,934
Gross Income
$ 906,514
Year Established

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