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This is a Social Media Driven Portfolio of Websites in the Baby Apparel Space. The company has been profitable since inception, and focuses its marketing efforts on targeting consumers on Facebook using lookalike audiences. The company does not store any products, dropshipping everything directly from the manufacturer. With over 180,000 Facebook Followers and over 73,000 Instagram Followers, the companies sees strong engagement from its growing social base.

Selling direct to consumer though 2 highly polished website storefronts, this high growth eCommerce Retailer offers over 600 SKUs at an average $40.61 ticket price. The company has achieved consistent 25% YOY growth on traffic averaging at or above 71,000 unique visitors, per month.

This business has been set up on a low maintenance, highly agile, fully relocatable model with back end operations and margins maximized. This is a cut and dry eCom performer in a high demand Baby Sector that can be operated by almost anyone, anywhere. This baby retailer requires only a few hours weekly, utilizing 2 VAs to handle day to day operations.

Because of the ease of operations, this streamlined, low-maintenance retailer can easily be transitioned for almost any type of buyer, fitted especially well for an existing apparel retailer already selling on Amazon. The company has yet to step foot in Amazon, leaving the door wide open to immediate, rapid expansion. Further expansion into wholesale and brick and mortar could potentially double, or triple sales in very short order with minimal investment thanks to smartly sourced, high-margin goods fulfilled via low-cost supply chain management.

This is a complete package including over 70,000 opt-in email subscribers, primed and ready to realize growth with even the most basic paid advertising campaigns to include SEO, PPC and the like. Back end operation and fulfillment is completely handled, leaving ownership free to focus solely on growth and diversification – no matter the buyer, this is an exceptional value for a rapid ROI acquisition of its kind.

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Asking Price
$ 865,000
Cash Flow
$ 263,466
Gross Income
$ 1,677,028
Year Established

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