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High Growth Women’s Shoe eCommerce Retail Brand – 60% YOY Growth – 18 Years in Business


This effectively designed online marketplace for women’s shoes drives incredible returns due to strategic pricing and effective branding. Carrying an impressive 60% Year Over Year growth rate, this 18-year-established industry staple provides more than 5,500 SKUs and is an exciting offering for any buyer. With an average order value of $50 and an average order rate of 500-1000 purchases per week, this opportunity delivers a minimum average of $25,000 revenue each week of the year. This amazing level of success has been achieved through dedication and purposeful growth, however, there is still plenty of room for scaling. Leveraging minimal marketing practices, this company has immense growth opportunities in digital expansion such as, paid media, social media development, SEO, and influencer marketing. This women’s eCommerce footwear seller is sure to flourish in the hands of a capable, business-minded entrepreneur.

This company holds limitless potential as its SKUs appeal to women of all ages across the country. One efficient way to scale is social media. This cost-effective channel is a proven platform for promoting women’s shoe companies, particularly Instagram and Facebook are impactful ways to generate increased women’s show sales. Providing affordable, convenient, and streamlined purchasing options for top name show brands across the country, this eCommerce seller is phenomenally successful on digital storefronts such as Amazon. However, a buyer could still expand this opportunity through Amazon advertising, entering international marketplaces, and beginning sales on other storefronts such as

An 18-year-old eCommerce show seller, this company utilizes a 100% cloud-based framework so that the current ownership can review and manage both orders and operations from any device, anywhere. Leveraging a fully stocked inventory model, this company’s overhead costs could be dramatically minimized by a partial or even full shift to white label practices. Currently maintaining a 3,400 square foot warehouse, this business internally houses and ships its more than 5,500 SKUs.

At the moment, the ownership dedicates about 15 hours per week on maintaining and growing this company. Their daily responsibilities include purchasing inventory, paying bills, attending to customer service issues, and determining the application of strategic initiatives. Employing 4 part-time workers, this impressive business ships out orders and tends to both customer service and return concerns reliably and effectively. This staff could easily be downsized with a conversion to a drop ship or hybrid shipping and storage model.

Boasting an impressive average of 500-1000 purchases a week, this company has a solid foundation of growth that can be easily utilized as a springboard for scaling and increased profits. Utilizing this footwear company’s market standing and established reputation, a strategic new owner would be perfectly positioned to add brands to this marketplace, effectively launch an in-house shoe brand, or even add this platform as the web portal for a previously existing shoe brand or brick-and-mortar seller.

Looking for a buyer that is business and expansion focused, this company has been running at a solid pace, and profitably, for many years. A new owner will need to supervise and implement workflow improvements across its marketing, strategic planning, logistics, and shipping. Maintaining this business’ current trajectory and rapid scaling, new ownership will walk into a solidly performing foundation that they can simply uphold or bring in an entirely new direction. With its fully digitized management system, a new owner will require little to no training or background knowledge to take over this business effectively and seamlessly.

A women’s eCommerce footwear provider, this company is a promising and profitable online platform that is well and strategically positioned within an evergreen industry. This company’s new owner will have a multitude of growth opportunities from simply expanding marketing efforts to gaining more brand partnerships or launching an in-house brand of their own. With limitless potential, unparalleled flexibility, and proven success, this offering is a promising investment for any business-minded buyer.

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Listing ID:  WC2104

Asking Price
$ 932,000
Cash Flow
$ 266,277
Gross Income
$ 1,594,293
Year Established