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ValleyBiggs, in conjunction with its Affiliate,, represents a unique and valuable opportunity in the online trading segment with enormous margins. The company provides a contemporary digital trade and investment technology experience within the Financial Sector. The company was founded on the belief that access to financial information in the 21st century should not be limited to professional investment bankers on Wall Street. Digital information should be consumer friendly, whether they are corporate or amateur investors.

As a result, rather than monetize trade transactions themselves, the company’s family of high-value domains form an all-encompassing net through which 75,000 viewers per month of day trading and penny stock traffic is funneled and served via exclusive advertising campaigns by utilizing a platform that is in the hands of 1.75 billion people worldwide.

With no overhead or employee labor to support, the business is a fluid and dynamic machine with an active email subscriber list in excess of 100,000 users, and over 90% repeat customer traffic on record. With over 17 organically ranked stock/trading related domain names (which have been featured on major cable network television, Google News and more) the family of websites has posted notable annual growth year-over-year for over 3 years, offering 1 to 2 day marketing campaigns to their well-cultivated list of clients.

With clients such as these, the business model sustains an average campaign value in excess of $12,000 and realizes nearly 80% gross margins annually, offering monetization by way of a highly automated and successful ad campaign system. This features monetized referrals, splits on lead conversion, and upsells from lead purchasers in the segment – some of whom synergistically provide internal lead generation alongside the recurring revenue from lead splits.

Featuring close to $1 Million in annual cash flow and a finely tuned & automated system of campaign management and lead generation, this company is sure to be a home-run opportunity in the hands of any savvy entrepreneur.

Business Listed by: & ValleyBiggs
Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 1,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 933,428
Gross Income
$ 1,169,613
Year Established

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