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This opportunity represents the leading edge of the streaming & on-demand television paradigm shift in popular culture today – with the magic of its celebrity chefs, this business has rocketed to successful profitability by bringing the excitement of its established brand to multiple channels, streaming to Smart TVs, all mobile devices and on demand-TV alike.

With this unique and first-in-class delivery model seeing over 10.5 million unique viewers and 19% web interaction results in 2014, it has revolutionized the cooking landscape by combining the best of all worlds in one package: Education, food, celebrity chefs, entertainment and excitement – all this in with two solid revenue streams – production and reoccurring broadcast advertising revenue model with a low-overhead domestic US production studio already on the ground and running at full steam.

This company on-boards TV chef celebrities and hopefuls alike, and is the only production company that can guarantee broadcasting of the show through its own TV network. This creates a unique value proposition for production and the likewise, the increased variety of shows and colorful chef personalities opens up additional advertising opportunities. Because it is its own network, chefs and advertisers are assured of face time in front of their target audiences on the channels & devices most used today by the vast majority of all viewers.

With a branded, trademarked and recognized name, an already star-studded lineup of chefs and visibility in its segment that has garnered the attention of high-profile shows such as Shark Tank, we wholly expect this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a surefire win as a strategic acquisition in the segment or a standalone venture for the savvy marketing & broadcast entrepreneur alike.

Business Listed by:
Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 595,000
Cash Flow
$ 449,458
Gross Income
$ 885,545
Year Established

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