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High Volume, Scaling eCommerce Retailer in Home Goods, Electronics, Repair Tools & Electronic Accessories – 4,500 Daily Shipments


Website Closers® presents an innovative offering – an eCommerce Seller that offers products across a wide range of high demand markets. From home goods, electronics, repair tools and electronic accessories, this company drives an incredible 35% return customer rate.  Stocking 100% of their more than 4,400 individual SKUs, this flourishing online seller leverages two 4,000 square feet warehouses to fill the average 4,500 daily shipments. The business operates solely through eBay, carrying a Seller rating of 100% positive feedback over the last twelve months.

This amazing rating is backed by a whopping 419,499 reviews. A strong business framework driving these unparalleled results is sure to dramatically scale when expanded onto other popular platforms such as and Other promising pathways to increased revenue include the implementation of advertising initiatives, SEO practices and the creation of an in-house brand. This target is an investment with unimaginable potential that’s ready for a capable buyer to take it to the next level.

The Company has booked an astounding $12.5 million in TTM sales, as well as $1.8 million in TTM earnings through September 2020. Company ownership is conservatively forecasting $14.3 million in sales with $2.2 million in earnings for the calendar year.  This will be a 170% jump in YOY sales and a 100% jump in YOY earnings.

Operating on a 100% stock model, this flourishing online seller packs and ships more than 4,500 orders each day.  With such a high volume, a new owner could cut costs dramatically by switching to a partial or even full white label model.  Additionally, this business carries multiple trademarks for its brand and is fully registered and approved to become an Amazon Seller though they have not yet begun using this extraordinarily profitable platform. This means an expansion in this direction could be both seamless and rapid, leading to a new and strikingly promising revenue stream.  Another great way to raise the already impressive income of this company would be to create an in-house SKU line for some of their most popular product categories.

Both members of the current ownership dedicate roughly 20 hours a week to maintaining and growing this company, for a cumulative 40 hours total.  Their weekly responsibilities include managing the eBay Platform, handling the more complicated customer service concerns, ordering more inventory, delegating the proper initiatives, and aiding the customer service team in any way they see fit.  Many of these duties could easily be shifted over to a manager or other employees.

This well-established company currently employs two managers, each with different responsibilities, as well as a few part-time warehouse workers. The first manager prints the labels and organizes it for the staff, delegates workloads, and supervises outgoing product from staff.  The second warehouse manager handles larger orders for which specific packaging experience is required.

The various warehouse workers have two main positions. The first of which is fulfillment, packaging the products given to them.  The second is the role of cherry picker, for which the main responsibility is to retrieve the products from the shelves and give them to the fulfillers to package the item.  Cherry pickers each handle anywhere from 400-600 items daily.

This incredible Company sells across the following categories:

-Internal Smart Device Components

-Smart Device Accessories

-Electronic Accessories

-Internal Game Console Components

-Game Console Accessories

-Media, Device, Component Adapters

-Lithium Ion Batteries

-Repair Tools

-Tempered Glass

-Cases and Accessories

-Political Accessories

-Home Goods

-PPE Medical Gear

-Computer Accessories

This exceedingly profitable opportunity is a strong eCommerce provider of varied, high demand market segments.  A hugely advantageous investment, this business is strategically built to drive extraordinary revenue as well as seamlessly and rapidly scale with the addition of both SKUs and purchasing platforms. An amazing offering, this company is an unparalleled target for any business minded buyer.

Scale opportunities for this Company are tremendous. The Company currently does zero sales or advertising outside of eBay.  Therefore, multiple other platforms are wide open for development: Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.  Even in the absence of expanding to other platforms, simple SEO and social media campaigns could drive significant new traffic to the company on eBay.  A world of new opportunities awaits the buyer ready to take advantage of them.

This eBay Company Represented by:

Technology, Internet & Online Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2135


Asking Price
$ 8,900,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,213,263
Gross Income
$ 13,346,795
Year Established