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This business is an innovative e-commerce business in the publishing industry with a unique appeal – the company offers writers assistance with getting their work published, every step of the way; essentially monetizing incoming leads and then furthermore, monetizing the published works as they are distributed. Hugely automated and highly modernized in terms of the online platform and architecture, this business very practically runs itself, and means new ownership can make this a slam-dunk strategic acquisition, or a standalone revenue generator for the high-speed entrepreneur just the same.

The company currently offers five packages for self-publishing authors, with multiple tiers of features/benefits for the self-publishing authors – services offered include cover design, promotion/marketing, as well as printing. Opportunities also exist for retail affiliates, with a 50% trade discount on the books for retailing partners of the company.

Requiring nearly no working capital, this business features a model in which no warehousing is required – all books are put to paper by the printing company (services supplier to the business) on-demand at the time of the consumer’s purchase – this business not only operates with little or no overhead, it is operable from literally anywhere in the world with an internet connection by a single individual. The company utilizes freelancers for nearly all services on-demand, allowing for a simple transition – the right buyer will move directly into managing the platform and hit the ground running.

Business Listed by:
Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 45,000
Cash Flow
$ 30,161
Gross Income
$ 46,202
Year Established

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