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Home & Outdoor eCommerce Brand – Strong IP Portfolio – 80% YOY Growth – Vertical Integration with Manufacturing – Flexible Founders willing to Roll Equity

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Website Closers® presents a very high growth eCommerce Brand that has become an enterprise-level technology business through their high-quality, highly rated home and outdoor products, backed by strong utility patents . A globally recognizable name brand, this recognition has afforded them a step up in the competitive market placing their brand above competitors from both an awareness and a quality standpoint. 2 utility patents have kept new entrants to the market low and has helped their defensive moat remain strong. The current owners are vertically integrated and also own the manufacturing and front-end eCommerce sides of the brand. They desire to remain the manufacturer of record for new ownership and to provide products at the same rates they charge themselves today.

The brand continues to achieve record breaking results every year, with another year of substantial year-over-year growth in 2023 over 2022. This has been accomplished without relying on marketplace or SKU expansion, but they see the opportunity for continued double digit EBITDA growth with these strategies. And none of this growth is by accident or luck; the owners have a finite system they follow (and that can easily be trained), which all but ensures that they continue to grab market share and continue their growth trends.

The owners are currently launching new products in the outdoor camping and children’s spaces and they launched internationally in late 2023. This is a truly rare brand where new ownership has the control and rank to begin the development of new products and sales channels right out of the gate.

Importantly, the owners are willing to retain equity and stay with the next owner after closing to not only ensure a proper transition, but to the extent requested, remain on longer term. The skills and talent that the owners have in both manufacturing and marketing/operations are highly valuable and can be an assets to others in the eCommerce Space looking to add value to their current brands; just this talent alone is worth the asking price.

Products & Patents

The products sold by this company now have a reputation for quality and longevity. Thousands of verified Product Reviews on Amazon rave about the quality of these products. The products have an Average Order Value of $140.00, 4.9 Stars, and consistently earn the enviable title of No. 1 bestseller in multiple categories. The success of their products has been so strong that they have enjoyed an 88% YOY Revenue Growth Rate.

The products are manufactured by one of the current owners behind the brand, who owns a large manufacturing operation in SE Asia. An ideal buyer would want to retain a long-term relationship with the manufacturer, would receive the same pricing as the brand currently has, and would be able to license the patents in perpetuity with no royalty fees. This provides the buyer with a trustworthy supplier of their products for the foreseeable future, taking some of the stress of building up a network of manufacturers from the buyer’s shoulders.

Scale Opportunities

The brand is brimming with opportunities for growth. They launched their current products internationally in Q3 2023 which is already having tremendous success. They are now working on launching more products in their catalog including a children’s series, a camping series, and additional home items.

Other options for growth include:

  • DTC, using Shopify. Paid advertising would be used to draw attention to this new store and the products available there.
  • Launching sales on,,, etc
  • Retail box store deals
  • Amazon’s international expansion to UK and EU

Human Resources

Each of the 2 current owners spends less than 10 hours per week managing the business. The more operations-focused owner is responsible for handling eCommerce management, delegating tasks to VAs, and performing market research on competitors. The other owner, is focused on manufacturing and logistics and spends time working with his factories on quality and coordinating logistics.

The current owners are willing to remain on board to assist with managing the brand long-term or just as long as needed to ensure a seamless transition. They remain highly bullish on the brand and the opportunity for growth, especially if they find a buyer with the skills and capital to help it grow faster.

Alongside the owners, the company is run with the help of a fully trained team of virtual assistants in India. These VAs can transfer with the company, or the buyer could utilize the services of the VA company that the owner operates, at cost, to manage the brand.


This acquisition offers a buyer the opportunity to purchase some highly valuable real estate – the Best Seller Rank and overall placement in various categories on the Amazon platform, the largest eCommerce Retailer in the country, a foundation that they have built and held on to for years

They are a titan of the industry with the profits to show for it and are steadily on the rise with each passing day. With the current owners willing to help the buyer manage the brand, a golden reputation, and products that customers dream about when seeking quality, the brand is a perfect pick for a seasoned buyer.

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WC 3252

Asking Price
$ 30,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 5,535,797
Gross Income
$ 38,462,616
Year Established

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