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India Based Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Plant & eCommerce Brand – the Plant, Building, Machinery, Assets & an eCom Brand Included in the Sale – 80% Repeat Order Rate with Wholesale Channel – Scaling Presence on Amazon


Website Closers® presents a highly specialized, thriving Lifestyle Electronics Brand that includes a number of assets, including a manufacturing plant and machinery based in India that produces popular mobile accessories, and has the ability to significantly increase its manufacturing capacity to 10 times its current levels. Equally important, is that the brand has a strong online presence through its eCommerce site, which directs customers to its flourishing storefront on Amazon India, which similarly presents an invaluable growth opportunity. 

While primarily a whole distributor, this strategic company does market Direct to Consumer as well, and those revenues have been soaring. This growing success has been accomplished over four years of innovation. Making a significant mark on the economy in India, this company is now ready to expand into the United States and across Europe, so it is looking for an acquisitive buyer that has the synergies and financial wherewithall to take on this growing target.

This is a rare opportunity since the manufacturing plant is known to produce very high quality products that attract glowing 5 Star reviews on Amazon India and have become critical products for 40 wholesale clients. Now, with new products close to being launched and the possibility for a strong launch into the United States, this is a business with the potential for skyrocketing potential by the end of the year and well into the decade.

This company’s facility includes a 40,000 square foot factory, a 6,000 square foot warehouse and a 2,000 square foot office. Their main product category is lifestyle electronics. This vertical consists of mobile phone batteries, Bluetooth headphones and speakers, mobile chargers, data cables, and earphones. Each of their high-demand products are made under a proprietary brand.

The Lifestyle Electronics Category has become a massive industry globally, projected to grow by 25% in the next few years. The global consumer electronics eCommerce market is projected to grow from $374 Billion to $548 Billion by 2023. With this company now producing products that meets demand, the brand is ideally poised to establish itself as a global leader within this market. For a buyer, that’s an opportunity to see a huge return on this investment.

Establishing ties within the U.S., this brand could open up striking new opportunities for far more than just sales on Amazon. India has become a powerful rival with China for its ability to produce IT products that are distributed globally. Early in 2021, the Indian government introduced financial incentives for companies to produce IT products, with the goal of boosting domestic manufacturing so the country can become a global manufacturing hub. A category leader in exclusive, electronic accessories, this company has been significantly backed by the Indian government. Since the products this manufacturing facility creates are used everywhere, this is an incredible opportunity to advance a dramatically profitable company with the potential to dominate a lucrative market segment.

The company’s top product has been its aftermarket/replacement batteries for mobile phones, which has become an enormous sales generator worldwide. Chargers, data cables, audio devices and headphones are similarly in high demand now. This business has cultivated a strong B2B market, with 40 clients who pay a very high average order value of $2,412. 

Most of these sales come through offline channels, and the company has sold 9 million units in the past four years. There’s no question their wholesale clients have been very satisfied with the product. The company’s repeat customer rate is now a phenomenal 80%.

In fact, high customer satisfaction with the company’s batteries has led to powerful consumer demands for the brand to branch into other categories, which is how the company began producing chargers, cables and audio equipment. 

Their online sales are conducted through Amazon, where the products have an average order value of $11 for D2C sales, which remain steady throughout the year, and peaks in the spring from April to June.  Their D2C customer demographics are buyers between the age of 25-35 with disposable income.

Orders are sent to the admin team at the factory which handles deliverables, and there is a separate production team at the factory. Each one is crucial to the operations of the business. There are 10 supervisors and 50 manufacturing workers in the plant.

The company now has those orders shipped by Fulfillment By Amazon, where they maintain a 120 day inventory on average. 

The current owner spends around 10 hours per week on this business, primarily focusing on finances. There is a solid and experienced team in place to handle daily operations. Their skilled workers include a sales team, one for online purchases and the other for wholesale, working to generate sales from existing channels.

This year, the company has devoted more time to focusing on Amazon, and new products are in development, with an expansion of their Lithium Polymer Battery directed to the wholesale market. Other new products include magnetic data cable and neck bands.

With their focus on wholesale markets within India, the company has not devoted a significant amount of time to digital marketing, which is an area of opportunity for a buyer. They do have some assets here, including a social media presence that include 9,000+ followers on Facebook and nearly 600 on Instagram, and an email database of nearly 1,000 subscribers. The company has the ability to introduce several new marketing plans to boost sales. 

This could include an SEO program with keywords in their product descriptions and a blog on their website. Another promising path would be the creation of a regular email marketing campaign for promotion and upsells. Influencer marketing campaigns have been proven in this industry, bolstered tremendously by strong followings on their social media accounts. An expanded presence on social media, including video marketing on YouTube and TikTok are also impactful impactful options for scaling this brand.

Beyond marketing, there are additional growth opportunities by having this business concentrate on exports to the global business community,  targeting those large wholesalers looking for alternatives to buying from China.  Another key focus would be to meet both domestic and global demand among customers for the company’s D2C segment, with sales shifted to Amazon’s platforms in the U.S. and across Europe.

The company could begin attending international trade shows to secure contracts with international wholesalers and distributors, an untapped market for them, and at their plant, the company can explore opportunities for mobile phone manufacturing.

This is a fantastic opportunity to own a business well positioned for significant growth on a global scale. This sale includes a huge number of assets, including their plant and machinery, their land, main building, and stocks. This is a package deal that delivers a highly maintained manufacturing plant with the skilled labor in place to run it, a firm B2B customer base for recurring revenues, and a growing D2C base. Digital marketing and product expansions are just two of the proven ways to expand, and quickly. This is a golden opportunity that comes along quite rarely.

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Asking Price
$ 10,000,000
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$ 607,549
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$ 2,023,182
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