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Instagram Driven eCommerce Retailer in the Other Worldly, Euphoric Aesthetic Products Vertical


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Retailer in the Apparel, Decor and Jewelry Verticals, specializing in Other Worldly, Euphoric Aesthetics. Leveraging kaleidoscopic dynamics, the business sells Tapestries, Jewelry, Sherpa Blankets, Shirts and Bedding Sets in Alien-like creative designs. Carrying more than 200 individual SKUs across these categories through a modern, streamlined website experience, this business gains most of its leads through Social Media – primarily its popular Instagram Page. With more than 35,000 followers, this channel is responsible for up to 90% of the target’s traffic and conversions.

The brand has become a cult following and is set to continue its growth through the brand into additional consumer product categories. Building on this powerful platform, an incoming owner could build out a successful awareness campaign through strategic PPC and the addition of pages on TikTok, Tumblr, and Pinterest to effectively reach this specified audience. Leveraging kaleidoscopic dynamics, this company is designed to scale effectively in a lower than usual competitive landscape in eCommerce. An established industry leader, this acquisition carries an impressive growth trajectory with infinite ability to scale.

Gaining tremendous traction, this company leverages a 3rd party fulfillment center (3PL) in combination with drop shipping to send out between 200 and 500 orders daily. With a variety of suppliers, this company carries flexible agreements with their vendors to allow for enviable negotiations and swift volume scaling. In addition to the 3PL, this company works with 4 part time employees to handle Customer Service matters. Creating a more extensive team is a promising pathway to success for a capable buyer in this space. Currently running with one administrator, one part time manager, and 3 customer service specialists, this company could greatly expand their customer reach through the addition of a social media specialist as well as an SEO expert to optimize all listings and consumer touchpoints. Expanding on to other sales platforms is also a phenomenal revenue extension. Amazon and Etsy are go-to hubs for all eCommerce sales that could lead to mind-bending results.

A community of goth, eboys, urban youth, and more, this hyper-targeted brand appeals across the board to an edgy lifestyle. Extending their offerings into more leisurewear and grunge aesthetics, this company could deliver exponential profit growth. Specifically offering bags, hoodies, and sweatpants could impact help expand this company’s reach among its fanbase.

Carrying their own cult following, this business could also grow with the creation of industry partnerships and sponsorships. Beginning to sponsor music festivals as well as utilize the reach of powerful social media influencers may bring this company to a whole new level. Their audience also tends towards media such as anime, making Japanese media conventions another solid opportunity for brand recognition and growth.

This is a lifestyle company. With a strong following on Instagram along with reliable sales growth, this brand is strategically positioned to grow as their culture booms across the world. Where emo meets psychedelic, this business thrives, gaining loyal customers and impactful market scaling as they go, the new owner of this company will be put on a life-altering path. In the lucrative industry verticals of apparel, jewelry, décor, tapestries, and more; this business is an impactful investment for any type of buyer.

This eCommerce Business Represented by:

Website Closers

Tech, Internet & Website Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2219



Asking Price
$ 990,000
Cash Flow
$ 360,503
Gross Income
$ 1,545,717
Year Established