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International eCommerce Brand – Wide Variety of CPG Products – Proprietary System Built for R&D and Social Media Marketing – 1.4M Monthly Visitors


Website Closers® presents a prosperous eCommerce business with a highly focused and popular selection of products in multiple verticals. These include jewelry, TV antennas, an anti-Snoring nose clip, adjustable glasses, and a car fuel-saving device.

The company is enjoying excellent sales and growth due to various, proprietary marketing strategies. An important element of their business is the diverse selection of products that cater to different customer needs and demographics. These products are shipped to a worldwide audience today, but many more companies and products can be scaled and shipped to an even broader audience with no changes needed in the business’s day-to-day operations. The system is efficient, effective and highly scalable.

Additionally, the business utilizes tailored sales funnels that effectively guide customers to make a purchase, contributing to a higher Average Order Value. They have been split-tested with high traffic volumes and optimized to ensure they outperform competitors.

The owner leverages advanced marketing techniques, primarily using Facebook / Instagram ads, to profitably reach and convert large audiences at scale.

Furthermore, the business has been designed to adapt quickly and capitalize on emerging trends due to its DropShipping model. By holding little to no inventory, the risk is minimized, and management can swiftly adjust product offerings to meet the ever-changing demands of customers. This has enabled the company to stay ahead of the competition and cater to consumer needs more effectively. It remains agile and adapts to changes in the market by continuously testing new products and marketing angles and strategies.

This business would be a perfect acquisition for a buyer that currently owns a brand of products or that wants to use this business as a platform for future M&A. Other products can easily be plugged into the system created by this company … which creates yet another sales channel that is simply piled onto the growing cash flow generated by this business.

The supplier, with whom the owner has developed an excellent relationship, sources products directly from factories. They will check for the highest quality factory and directly source the product. They are also able to reserve 100% of a factory’s capacity if scaling to ensure no delays in fulfillment.

A hybrid inventory model is utilized, and the company holds only a small amount of inventory to speed up the fulfillment of high-volume products. All orders are delivered directly to customers via express shipping methods. Between 600 and 1,500 orders are dispatched daily.

Digital marketing efforts primarily encompass Facebook and Instagram ads and email marketing.

Their typical customer is 40 to 50 years old and split evenly among genders. The majority are based in the US and enjoy online shopping. They are easily converted with direct response offers and spend significant time using social media.

Little seasonality is experienced in sales because the focus is placed on broad evergreen products that can be sold year-round. The business does, however, experience a healthy peak in Q4, with the exception being a popular heater product that is only advertised during the winter months.

The owner works just one to two hours daily on the business, and primary tasks include increasing budgets on advertising campaigns and sending wires to suppliers.

Additional staff includes:

  • 1 Customer Service Manager
  • 6 Customer Service Contractors
  • 1 Video Editor and General Assistant

A third-party contractor handles email marketing.

No special skills are required to run this largely automated business. However, the ability to hire and grow the team to advertise on multiple channels would be beneficial for scaling this operation.

The existing owner has identified various growth opportunities, including expanding into different regions and translating funnels into multiple languages with the same proven formula. Additionally, the business has focused exclusively on Facebook, so advertising on other platforms would boost revenue dramatically. Implementing retargeting campaigns and partnering with influencers could bear fruitful results, while offering a subscription service would lower customer acquisition costs and increase customer lifetime value. Furthermore, hiring more staff will enable the business to scale more swiftly, and creating branded sub-stores around each product and focusing on brand awareness is low- hanging fruit.

This highly automated business is primed for expansion. It is an excellent lifestyle acquisition for a buyer who can enjoy healthy profits while enduring a light workload.

This eCommerce Business is Represented by:

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WC 3018

Asking Price
$ 5,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,229,229
Gross Income
$ 9,952,008
Year Established