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The target is an INTERNATIONALLY BRANDED & PATENTED Amazon FBA Retailer based around highly desirable, eco-conscious & sustainably made products, with offerings pitching to home and baby goods across 12 easily managed SKU’s. This forward-thinking business operates under full management and stays relevant and trendy by ensuring its products are fully organic, cruelty-free and fair market in manufacture – something buyers in almost any segment look for at the onset of purchase. The vast majority of earnings are driven by a Five-Star, international Amazon Seller Central account which features a $35 average ticket and enjoys minimal seasonality due to the nature of the offering. Protected by Amazons Brand Registry 2.0, seeing growth since inception in multiple international markets and offering a branded line of trendy, eco-conscious products, this company is anything but ordinary and can easily fit well with a buyer looking to break into 21st Century retail in the eCommerce space.

This retailers home category SKU’s are patented in the US and EU and boast exclusive manufacturing contracts with suppliers; In addition to this, all products are fulfilled either at Amazon FBA or via 3PL provider, direct to the customer – no warehouse overhead is required, making this a fully virtual, and therefore fully portable business. Built upon an easy to run, low overhead model requiring zero office and little warehouse overhead, eliminating the need to deal with employee headcount or office expenditures. This agile profit center asks only a mere 5-hour workload per week of ownership, making this business a fire-and-forget revenue center that will be easy for any new owner to transition into as inventory management and CSR operations are outsourced, ensuring profitable and seamless operation on day one of the acquisition.

With International appeal, exclusive and established supplier relationships and a wholly virtual platform with total mobility, this branded Amazon Retailer is nicely situated for scale in a variety of ways – expanding into new international markets, wholesale and brick & mortar opportunities, even B2B by offering custom-branding jobs for batch production which are already available with existing suppliers – this is a fantastic opportunity to jump into a robust and reliable branded and trending business with excellent appeal in all corners of the globe.

Current ownership has already began adding additional products and have several ready to be launched so adding additional branded SKUs will be an easy addition right out of the gate. With only Amazon PPC Advertising and minimal social media implemented to date, this growing and trending organic retailer has all the growth potential buyers are looking for and will make for a seamless transition regardless of your existing segment or experience level in eCommerce.

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Asking Price
$ 850,000
Cash Flow
$ 240,775
Gross Income
$ 912,492
Year Established

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