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This highly unique offering is a BRANDED portfolio Internet Company in the Office and Store Supplies and Software as a Service (SaaS) space experiencing solid Year-Over-Year Growth. This Internet Company capitalizes fully on the day-to-day needs of one of the most reliable and profitable buyer bases on the planet: McDonald’s Franchise Owners. This business has smartly been built from the ground up to offer painless and affordable solutions to McDonald’s Franchisees’ most pressing needs – the grease which makes their fast food location’s wheels turn, almost entirely from top to bottom.

The business offers back office supplies on the eCommerce side, to an innovative web and mobile app-based on-demand staffing solution on the SaaS side … for the fast-paced and difficult to manage world of low-wage fast food labor management. This portfolio of tightly focused solutions also offers web development solutions for the Franchisee, one of multiple facets in this portfolio which have scale and expansion written all over them – they can be marketed outside of the McDonald’s landscape to realize incremental growth in the near term.

Featuring a drop-ship model for brown box goods and supplies, this company is perfectly situated as a relocatable and low-overhead platform; there is no need to physically warehouse products, meaning competition-destroying industry-best pricing to the customer. And the massive intangible included in this business is to get inside the doors of McDonalds Franchisee owners, where the possibilities for growth, even outside the current product and service offerings, is unlimited.

This is a red-hot opportunity for entrepreneurs of nearly any skill level to take control of a highly streamlined, un-seasonal and consistent profit center with little to no proprietary knowledge or experience needed to move the needle on scale and incremental growth; this is a very rare opportunity to step into the high-volume fast food service and supply business that typically sees massive barriers to entry, without the pitfalls of the industry’s historically old-fashioned, brick and mortar supply model and with the option to scale internationally.

This eCommerce Company Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 1,300,000
Cash Flow
$ 370,941
Gross Income
$ 853,454
Year Established

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