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Keto Snack Box Amazon FBA Retailer – Monthly Recurring Revenue – Strong Ratings & Reviews


This unique target is a Best-Selling Keto Snack Box Provider on Amazon. These variety boxes of Keto friendly snacks have been awarded many Best Seller and Amazon Choice Tags. Carrying a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, this highly rated provider leverages fully established relationships with many of the top snack brands to provide the snack combinations that their audience wants with minimal overhead costs and reliable quality. Famous for their Halloween and gift snack box specials, the holiday season accounts for their highest sales seasons. Currently, this offering utilizes only a highly profitable Amazon storefront for all sales and traffic generation.

While this platform is incredibly powerful, there is an immense opportunity to scale through the use of additional selling platforms and expanded digital storefronts. The health foods community has a vibrant lifestyle and culture, therefore, reaching out to their community directly through native advertising is a proven path towards loyal customers and success in this vertical.

With limitless opportunities to scale, this keto snack provider would benefit exponentially from the development of more brand partnerships to add to the product offerings, the creation of an in-house snack line, expanding current subscription box options and customizations, and finally, the application of additional marketing strategy. This brand does not maintain an advertising roadmap, this leaves multiple growth paths open for a new buyer to take this brand to the next level.

Utilizing Amazon FBA warehousing and shipping in addition to an effective relationship with a co-packing facility to store and ship additional products, maintaining and running this business smoothly takes little to no effort on the owner’s part.

The current ownership dedicates only about 1 hour per week to keeping this company running at its current level. However, a new owner may be putting in additional hours to growing the business’ product offerings. When on boarding new brand products and subscription box types, the current owner has recorded up to 40 cumulative hours across the entire process. There is one part-time employee working at this company who spends a few hours managing inventory and replying to both Amazon and customer service concerns each day.

There are many avenues to rapid expansion and success within this company and its offerings. From increasing product options and purchasing platforms to digital outreach and in-house snack brands, this business has unimaginable potential. No matter which direction a new owner chooses to go in, creating additional, worthwhile SKUs are a consistent tool for increasing brand awareness and purchase volume. As a wellness and health brand, this offering would be particularly impactful on social media, especially when utilizing platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Furthermore, this business currently sells only through Amazon, this leaves many potential consumers out of the mix. Expanding selling options onto eBay,, the shelves of gyms, yoga studios, Whole Foods and Trader Joes are effective ways to reach health conscience audiences.

Offering a solid foothold within the diet food, wellness, and snack categories, this promising company delivers incredible value to any prospective buyer. A leader within this rapidly growing, global industry, this opportunity is a strategic jumping off point for any capable buyer as well as a fantastic addition to a diet-oriented empire. Connecting to a wide and varied array of consumers, this brand is an effective avenue to growth within a booming market. This offering is not SBA eligible.

This Amazon FBA Business Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC2121

Asking Price
$ 395,000
Cash Flow
$ 121,000
Gross Income
$ 709,000
Year Established