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The target is a HIGH-GROWTH, BRANDED and Proprietary 5-Star Amazon FBA Bulk Art Supplies Retailer, offering a line of 100% Kid Safe & Washable Art Products – ranging from pencils to markers and so much more. The products feature multiple Amazon’s Choice Badges related to many of the important keywords in this category.

Sold exclusively on Amazon with a website landing page funneling traffic, this retailer specializes in educationally-geared art supplies for teachers and artists, value-priced by quantity. This business also makes a charitable donation as a percentage of every purchase made and gives it to the Dream Zebra Foundation – providing art and music to underprivileged children worldwide.

Maintaining a relatively small SKU lineup of easily managed bulk packages, this eCommerce retailer has realized 100% YOY growth on the B2C side of things and 170% YOY growth on the B2B side, which constitutes almost one quarter of all sales. Established and protected by Amazon’s Brand Registry 2.0, this firmly-entrenched brand sees a $38 average ticket price and a highly loyal customer base with repeat buyer rates of over 20%. Seeing minimal seasonality and consistent revenue flow, this is an outstanding acquisition opportunity in a high-demand, very B2B-friendly consumables segment that offers excellent brand differentiation.

Having grown almost 100% organically to date on referrals and social media presence alone, this brand is in a great place to expand with minimal paid advertising – seeing over 50,000 visitors to its Amazon Storefront alone, this is a line of products with strong appeal and could readily see incremental growth with expansion to additional channels such as Etsy, Pinterest and more.

This consumables powerhouse is a 100% turn-key, remotely operable FBA machine – literally no warehouse or office footprint is required to maintain current run rate, and to move forward with new product launches and lineup diversification in the future.

This brand’s value proposition speaks for itself; almost anyone can operate this high-growth business anywhere in the world, and this business can be acquired by qualified buyers for as little as 10% down through Lending Partners with Please let us know you’re interested in acquiring this business with a low down payment, amortized over an entire decade, and we’ll introduce you to the process.

This Amazon FBA Company Represented by:

Website Closers
Technology & Internet Business Brokers
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Asking Price
$ 650,000
Cash Flow
$ 170,200
Gross Income
$ 774,468
Year Established

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