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Ladies Apparel eCommerce Brand with a Strong Social Media Following


Website Closers® presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a renowned Women’s Fashion Business that has become a Repeat Order Haven over the last decade. Very rarely do apparel or fashion businesses achieve the level of success and brand loyalty that this eCommerce Business has. But what is exciting about this opportunity in particular is that regardless of how much it has grown over the last decade, it has so much more scale immediately available to it.

The company primarily drives traffic via social media, paid media and email subscribers, which results in an overall 60% Repeat Order Rate. The company continues to grow a large following on Facebook and Instagram. They have 1.4 Million Facebook Followers and just under 700,000 Instagram Followers, making their brand a leading provider of Women’s Apparel and Fashion in the United States. All sales are online and focused on their well-travel Shopify Website.

The company sells a wide variety of female-focused SKUs, including dresses and daywear, swimwear and suits, accessories and shoes. The company’s website offers countless high demand, designer products that repeatedly catch the eye of consumers. This company has gained tremendous market share of voice through their strategic social media presence and enviable clothing selections, including through close partnerships with highly followed Brand Influencers.

With a constantly changing product offering that appeals to customers looking for the next best thing, the brand causes a tremendous amount of demand due to the fact that they often sell out of their products after being launched. This causes interested consumers to lose out on sales, thus driving even more demand as new products come out. Their daily traffic levels are enormous and loyal.

The company has a large infrastructure that also makes it a highly prized target. With over 100 employees in 8 departments and an Executive Team, the business is well situated to continue to scale. The current owners are looking to retire from this business. At the moment, this mandate requires a full buy out of the shareholders, although they are willing to remain on for a short period of time to assist the Executive Team in the transition of the company. The management teams effectively run daily operations, but a CEO would need to be incorporated to take the place of ownership.

Leveraging both trending styles and timeless fashion, this company has earned an enviable standing in the continually growing women’s apparel space. As businesses continue to move online, this company’s refined management and shipping model could create lasting success in the right hands. A dynamic and vibrant offering, this company has tremendous room for growth through enhanced digital marketing tactics such as content marketing, additional influencer marketing, SEO, and paid PPC placements on Facebook, Instagram, and search.

From their substantial and strategic model for gaining and retaining customers, to their robust operational framework, this company has a solid foundation and is ready for an institutional investor to take it to the moon.

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Listing ID: WC2272

Asking Price
$ 40,050,000
Cash Flow
$ 5,990,994
Gross Income
$ 33,107,134
Year Established

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