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The target is a Consumer Electronics eCommerce Retailer that offers a wide variety of audio, video, networking, power distribution, and electrical products via 2 brands that are growing in popularity and used by virtually every trade and household. The company’s two trademarked brands sell a highly diversified product line of over 7,300 SKUs on a top-ranked Amazon Seller Central Storefront as well as highly polished, Branded Websites that span dozens of organically-ranked domains.

With a high level of cross-sell SKU composition, bundled package offerings, including B2B, B2C and government sector clients, this business features strong and consistent revenue growth with a solid $29 average ticket value and a 17% repeat customer rate. Featuring 99% Positive Amazon Lifetime Reviews and a 5-Star Account Rating, this is a well-established online retailer that has not just carved out an excellent brand presentation and quality product offering, but has established itself as a segment leader for consumer electronics on, the single most salient sales channel.

Operating on a proprietary business operations software platform and a hybrid stock & ship plus Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) shipping model, little overhead is required overall as a majority of the SKUS are stored and shipped via FBA with the remainder drop-shipped straight from the supplier. This allows virtually all customers to receive their products via 2-day shipping (for those with Amazon Prime accounts). Current ownership makes it easy to capture high volume, minimally seasonal YOY growth revenue thanks to both broad offering diversity, sales channel spread, and multiple growth opportunities.

Currently selling to the US and Canada markets only, this company is in a great position to jump into the UK, EU, APAC, and other global markets with the power and ease of Amazon, a platform on which it is already a leader. Thanks to its highly polished brand presentation and quality products, expanding to wholesale, additional website sales, additional online channel sales, and brick & mortar sales along are all near term opportunities. Additionally, with favorable terms and solid relationships with suppliers, this business can easily expand the SKU product and category line as well as broaden its Amazon Prime lineup, which already features over 1,600 high velocity and top ranked SKUs. The company is in a prime position to be acquired and scaled through the solid platform it was built upon.

This eCommerce Retailer Represented by:
Technology & Website Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 3,100,000
Cash Flow
$ 694,839
Gross Income
$ 8,704,309
Year Established

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