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Largest Job Portal in Dubai | Online Recruiting Platform | 60% Net Margins | 4M Facebook Followers | 600k Email Subs | 1.5M Monthly Visitors | 20+ Years in Business

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Website Closers® presents the leading online job recruiter for Dubai, one of the biggest economic hubs in the world. They have over 2 decades of history as a reputable job board in the region, which has given them the largest audience in an immensely high-demand employment environment.

Dubai has surged to become as popular of a job market as they are today through their diversified economy, which largely centers around finance, tourism, real estate, and trade. Additionally, Dubai has no income tax or sales tax, and many employers in the city offer compensation packages that include health insurance, annual leave, and end-of-service gratuity benefits, among various other appealing perks.

Outside of work benefits, the city is a great place to live for many residents due to their high standards of living, superb infrastructure, and excellent facilities. They are also a multicultural environment home to people from over 200 nationalities, which provides a diverse atmosphere with many different networking, learning, personal growth, and wealth creation opportunities. These benefits and more have made Dubai a magnet for professionals from around the world.

Business Broker Takeaways

  1. Diverse Range of Services. The brand offers a range of services for their clients, which include premium accounts and interview scheduling for job seekers, visa application assistance, medical attestations, and the posting and hosting of jobs for employers. The average subscription length for job seekers is one year, while the average for posting jobs is up to 3 months. Their clients can pay through credit card, debit card, bank wire, bank transfer, and other options as needed.
  2. Low Operating Expenses. The brand’s operating expenses are remarkably low, and a new owner would require a maximum of $20,000 for their working capital requirements. These funds would be primarily used to pay contractors and run their Facebook advertising. As the brand enjoys healthy profit margins, no seasonality, and a stable real-time cash flow from their clients, however, a buyer will be able to comfortably and almost immediately cover these expenses.
  3. Straightforward Operations. The brand’s operations require only an hour every day for the current owner to run. Their key tasks consist of occasionally touching base with the web developer, managing Facebook ads, and brainstorming new ideas. Though they have no employees, they do have 12 sales agents working for them on a commission basis. Their lightweight operations make the brand incredibly uncomplicated to run.

Marketing Strategies

The brand has embraced organic traffic-based strategies in their marketing campaign. They have an immense following of over 4 million on Facebook and 650,000 email subscribers, and their website has an exact match domain that gives them a great advantage and longevity potential. Their paid advertising exclusively consists of Facebook campaigns run in various countries, which has seen a fantastic return on ad spend (RoAS).

Scale Opportunities

The brand holds a prominent position as it stands. However, the current owner has identified several promising methods that a buyer could use to bolster their revenue if desired. They could introduce a second call center to improve the performance of their existing team and encourage a healthy sense of competition between the two.

They could also upgrade their website to develop its functionality, which would improve their user experience. The brand could accomplish this by implementing a live chat feature for quick and helpful responses. Their organic Google traffic could then be bolstered by implementing focused SEO tactics on their website with cleverly targeted keywords.

Their advertising could be further enriched by increasing their outgoing newsletters, as it’s a source of free marketing to over 650,000 people around the world. Alternatively, they could offer possible advertising to others by monetizing ad space on their website, which would use their substantial traffic of 1.5 million monthly visitors to their advantage to quickly scale their revenue.

The company could expand their advertising to new countries and regions, broadcasting their services to an even larger audience and boosting their sales. From there, they could replicate their model and/or expand their services to Abu Dhabi, Sauda Arabia, and the capital of the United Arab Emirates, as these regions see high demand among job seekers.


This acquisition has been set up for continued profitability and growth, and a buyer will require no special skills to reap their benefits as a reliable lifestyle business. They are a stable, turn-key source of revenue, creating a great foundation to build upon for the right buyer. The current owner is also invested in seeing the brand succeed and is willing to stay on for up to 6 months to facilitate the transition process.

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Asking Price
$ 1,100,000
Cash Flow
$ 390,893
Gross Income
$ 585,879
Year Established

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