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Lead Generation Internet Company for the Appliance Repair Vertical – 300-500 New Leads Daily – Projecting Strong Growth in 2023


1Website Closers® presents a dynamic, autonomous Lead-Generation Internet Business that is focused specifically in the Appliance Repair Vertical 3 something that is virtually always in demand and virtually certain to continue as appliances become more and more complicated. The company has witnessed remarkable growth from 2020 to 2022 and is expected to have its most profitable year in 2023 with a planned projection of 20-30% growth.

This Internet Company uses various strategies to customize campaigns. One such method, Search Engine Marketing, is used to drive paid traffic to a website by achieving rank in SERPs for targeted keywords, phrases and locations. While this approach takes some time to achieve optimal rankings, there is tremendous lead generation opportunity for holding those positions. Increasing traffic from users proactively seeking a client’s offerings can provide a steady flow of quality leads with astute advertising.

The process works as follows:

  • Appliance repair services are advertised on Google and Bing SEM
  • A Consumer clicks the ad and visits a site
  • The consumer calls the phone number listed on the site or in the ad
  • They then enter their zip code via an IVR
  • A live auction is hosted with downstream lead buyers
  • The call is forwarded to the buyer that is willing to pay the most

Revenue is generated with buyers if a call lasts longer than the required duration, which is typically 60 to 120 seconds after forwarding the call to the buyer. Between 300 and 500 inbound phone calls are generated each day. Notably, the business does not need to provide customer support because downstream buyers are forwarded the call once the consumer goes through the IVR asking for their zip code. The downstream buyers offer customer support.

Clicks are monitored via SEM platforms, and calls are monitored through routing and reporting software as well as downstream partner reporting dashboards. A billable call is considered a conversion, meaning the call met or exceeded the required duration. The converted click rate varies by campaign, geo, device type, and buyer.

Participating partners are invoiced monthly for billable calls. SEM platforms charge the credit card on file the same day or the next day for clicks generated. Partners’ payment terms are on a net 30 to 45 basis. Overheads are extremely low, and it would only be necessary for a buyer to have two months of SEM spend as working capital. The average ad spend is $40,000 monthly.

Ample opportunities are available to scale this business dramatically and realize a vast revenue boost and swift return on investment. Some methods available include continuing to build out SEM, add new buyers, introduce new traffic sources such as social, display, email, and affiliate. Furthermore, introducing a form lead channel in addition to the existing phone call channel would likely boost income substantially. Expanding to more home improvement categories also represents a massive growth opportunity. Some existing partners already have coverage to purchase appliance repair form leads as well as calls and form leads in other home improvement categories.

The owner works only one or two hours weekly, and his primary tasks include the following:

  • Analyze the profitability of the prior day, week, and rolling 30 days performance
  • Make campaign bid adjustments based on performance and profitability
  • Research new relevant keywords to add
  • Negative any poor performing or irrelevant queries

No additional employees or contractors are needed to run this highly automated and well-oiled company. This business is ideal for a first-time buyer or somebody wishing to earn passive income with little time invested in day-to-day activities. Furthermore, few special skills, aside from a basic understanding of SEM and lead generation, are required to immediately take over operations and transition seamlessly into the proprietor’s chair.

This company has the client base, expertise, and structures that have allowed it to succeed, and processes have been designed for continued expansion.

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Asking Price
$ 622,000
Cash Flow
$ 171,997
Gross Income
$ 571,911
Year Established