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This listing represents is a fully branded and differentiated target shooting consumables retailer offering a proprietary line of paper targets and adhesive target markup accessories to the domestic US market through its top ranked, 100% FBA 5-Star Amazon storefront featuring over 2,400 ratings at nearly 100% positive lifetime reviews. This eCommerce company is a slam dunk opportunity for any investor looking to get into the eCommerce Space, or one looking to bolt on a great, fresh brand in a niche segment.

The business has created a robust, organically ranked brand platform on Amazon in just 1.5 years, already seeing YOY growth and having proven itself as a leading brand in the high-volume shooting consumables market. The existing lineup of consumer products attracts the attention of the full spectrum of customers in the demographic, whether they be the casual sport shooter, professional operator, and anything in between. The space allows for a great deal of additional diversification opportunities through the existing suppliers alone, and ownership has developed a high-margin, low effort niche with almost zero marketing, requiring only a few hours of maintenance per week. This is a low overhead eCommerce business with plenty of opportunities for additional product development and marketplace penetration.

The Company employs Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) warehousing, so it is not in the business of storing or shipping inventory directly to the end user. Inventory is shipped to Amazon’s warehouses where they store it and manage shipping logistics. This company is primed for 2017 and offers a variety of avenues to scale – whether you choose to grow the Company’s online presence with international eCommerce channel diversification, diversify SKU segmentation into related cross-sells, or simply capitalize on existing supplier relationships by adding more offerings to the lineup – this business is ready to rise to the next level with little experience and working capital required.

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Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 1,200,000
Cash Flow
$ 344,536
Gross Income
$ 1,054,762
Year Established

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