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LED Light eCommerce Brand – Mixed Well between Branded Website & Amazon Sales – Mostly B2B Customers


The target is an innovative and highly regarded LED Light eCommerce company focused on providing Certified and Insured lighting for electricians, contractors, business owners, and everyone in between. The keys to their success and profitability are in their in-house brand, industry wide reputation, exclusive contracts, exact match domain, and dedication to lasting quality. Carrying cutting edge solutions for Corporate, High Bay, Solar Powered, Parking Lot, and Sport lighting, this retailer sheds light on buyers across markets, usage demands, and professions.

The in-house brand name is known across audiences, in fact, they have a perfect 100% Positive Lifetime Seller standing on Amazon, an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, 4.5 stars on Google, and a full 5 stars on Reseller Operating with incredible success, this company was founded in 2015 and has continuously driven unparalleled growth and revenue through a strategic balance of PPC, Google, Facebook, and Affiliate marketing along with extraordinary customer support which has generated its outstanding word of mouth growth.

This brand is well-known across this category, with a particularly high standing within contracting and electrician circles (B2B eCommerce Sales). Currently, the company primarily drives its traffic and conversions via Google, Bing, and Social Media, but their sales and brand recognition could be significantly boosted by extended sales channels, SEO and additional social media use. Expansion into additional sales channels, such as other online marketplaces, B2B wholesale, improving on today’s traffic and conversions plan for their owned Website, and Social Media Development are near term, easy targets to build on the already impressive sales record of this company.

This business leverages top of the line technology, an unprecedented level of quality, and its fantastic industry relationships to drive its revenue growth, fantastic 34% Net Margins and its uniquely advantageous SKU lines.  This company is sitting on the precipice of limitless success as it extends its offerings and purchase opportunities. These products could easily be selling on Surplus, Wholesale Central, Hardware store shelves and through thousands of contractors and electricians around the world that would happily sell a fully accredited brand like this.

This eCommerce Retailer’s product line is divided into five main categories: Corn Lights, High Bay Lights, Parking Lot Lights, Wall Lights, and Sport Lights. All products are available in a variety of Lumens, Color-Kelvins, and Wattage. Additionally, this expert provider offers solar alternatives and the tools anyone would need to properly mount and install these products. With an emphasis on safety and quality certifications, this offering is a Secure Trust partner. Carrying 450 active SKUs and 500 items overall, they have the right light to brighten anyone’s day. Extended product offerings such as floor lighting, stage lighting, UV lighting, club lighting, and laser products have been all been identified as immense opportunities for growth.

This company’s storage and shipping experience is extensive – they have reliable supplier partnerships that have been nurtured and strengthened over the years. Many of their most profitable product lines are exclusive, and much of their inventory is held in an 800 square foot warehouse while the rest is sent by a 3PL. Additionally, this exceptional seller has developed quality control and installation expertise to reliably deliver high-quality items at a competitive price.

This strategically developed business is optimized for profitability, showing an amazing $750 average order value. The company has minimal staff, leveraging 2 salespeople, 2 operations managers, 1 product manager and a bookkeeper who works as a contractor. The focus on B2B sales as well as specialized customer relationships such as contractors and electricians, has led to an ever-increasing revenue base of repeat, high-value orders.

This eCommerce Brand Represented by:

Tech, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2123

Asking Price
$ 21,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 4,036,180
Gross Income
$ 11,814,837
Year Established