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The target is a highly successful, high growth, Branded Consumer Product Line operating in the Health & Wellness Sector – a massively growing vertical known for its sizeable profit margins. This eCommerce giant is one of the most successful companies currently operating in the Nutraceutical Sector on the Amazon Platform.

The company offers over 30 SKUs in various Nutritional Vitamins and Supplements subcategories, including big hitters like Turmeric Curcumin, Men’s & Women’s Multivitamins, Anti-Stress, Sexual Wellness and much more. The company’s branding is second to none – with highly attractive packaging and labels that give the bottles the appearance of an old-style medicine bottle.

The company’s primary sales channel is – currently the largest eCommerce platform in the world. Amazon helps to not only generate massive cash flow, but also to build brand awareness, both on the Amazon platform, and off. Vitamins and Supplements represent a vertical that more and more consumers are buying online, and Amazon has become the go-to source for these quick ship products.

The company is at a prime position along its meteoric trajectory for an acquisition. With Year over Year Growth and continued recent growth trends, this 100% Made-in-the-USA product line makes for an excellent acquisition target. Featuring 38% net profit margins and a superbly low-overhead Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) hybrid model with all human capital outsourced virtually, this is a turn-key opportunity to jump into a playing field that is ripe with opportunity and cut right through the stiff barriers to entry of the supplements retail business. The Vitamins & Supplements Category, within Health & Wellness, has been shutoff to newcomers on the platform. In order to be approved on the platform, newcomers are required to jump very large hurdles with no certainty of being approved. With such high positioning on the platform in a closed circuit of resellers, the opportunity to continue success on Amazon, a website that continues to grow Year over Year in consumer shopping, is an almost certainty.

Utilizing Subscribe & Save, this company is also building a growing mix of sales that is subscription, recurring revenue based. This growing mix of sales is highly valuable and is sure to grow as the platform grows. With over 70,000 customer email contacts on file and over 2,760 active Subscribers (growing 100% monthly) on Subscribe & Save – this tightly targeted brand has not only already laid the groundwork and built the foundation, it features clean books and a 2017 product development plan already in place, ready for new ownership to step in and take the reins.

In the hands of the right buyer, this company will be a stellar bolt-on addition to any business in this vertical, or a fantastic standalone brand to scale both on and off Amazon, keeping the company’s existing growth patterns on-target and climbing for years to come.

This Amazon Company Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 9,600,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,027,900
Gross Income
$ 4,667,700
Year Established

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