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Maternity Products eCommerce Brand – 30% YOY Growth Rate – Strong Ranking on Amazon – 3 Years in Business


Website Closers® presents a heartwarming eCommerce Business that sells Health & Wellness products for Pregnant Women. Operating within a high demand, low seasonality market, this brand has earned an impressive 30% YOY growth rate. Specializing in pregnancy belts that help relieve the painful pressure of a large pregnancy belly as well as other medical concerns including SI joint stress and spinal strain.

This incredibly effective and doctor recommended brand has earned a number 2 ranking on Amazon overall within this category and has been awarded an Amazon Choice Badge for the associated keyword.

Growing organically over their 2+ years in business, this brand has an active 3,000+ Amazon Reviews. An effective maternity product company, this brand could flourish with the addition of brand building initiatives such as breathing new life into the blog and Facebook page to become a pillar within the parenting lifestyle community and “mommy blog” sphere. In addition to resuming regular posts on Facebook and the company’s existing blog, this brand could gain a strong loyal consumer base through social media brand building on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest along with strategically enhanced PPC marketing through search engines, Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook. Also engaging in affiliate marketing would encourage spectacular brand awareness and widespread product adoption at minimal cost.

Extending the market reach of this company further, developing relationships with other companies in the prenatal and young baby space could prove exceedingly effective. Referrals and cross marketing through prenatal care facilities, crib companies, and other adjacent brands could impactfully and sustainably grow this business’ sales.

Leveraging their exclusive, doctor recommended health product, this company could also expand its offerings into other prenatal care and health items such as vitamins, back braces, and compression wear. Establishing this business as a leader in prenatal products, the incoming buyer could nurture this investment to its full potential.

A largely hands-off business, company ownership works as little as 2 hours each day on this business. Devoting this time to sales management, marketing, and the current PPC initiatives the company is designed and streamlined for reliable success. Whether the incoming buyer maintains this trajectory and simply reaps the rewards, or invests more time to strategically grow this acquisition, the highly profitable business model is full of both success and potential.

From their lucrative and incredibly well positioned offering to their phenomenal community growth potential, this brand brings health and comfort into the exciting and complicated time of pregnancy. With stable roots in the Amazon and prenatal care markets, this opportunity is ready to grow strong or maintain its reliable organic scaling to bring unrivaled revenue to the lucky new owner.

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Listing ID:  WC2234

Asking Price
$ 435,000
Cash Flow
$ 100,818
Gross Income
$ 404,679
Year Established

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