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Medical Device, Personal Care & Wellness, Supplements and Tech-Enabled eCommerce Company – 4 Brands – Primarily Sells on Amazon


Website Closers® presents a 16-year established leader in the Medical Device, Personal Care & Wellness, Supplements, Tools and Technologies Verticals. This eCommerce Business has 4 distinct brands catering to each of their niche segments, operates on multiple sales channels, and has developed a diversified online portfolio to help balance out seasonal anomalies. This business is consistently ranked as one of the Top 150 3rd Party Sellers on the Marketplace.

The business has grown considerably since inception – one of the key drivers to this success is found in the fact that the Founder has developed a particular strategy to finding high profit product opportunities on the Amazon platform. Another reason for this success is due to the successful launch strategy used – it is rare for a product that this company launches to not succeed.

This company also leverages dynamic offerings, such as subscription orders, to create an impactful recurring revenue stream. While the company primarily drives sales through its Amazon Accounts, it also has established listings on other sales Channels including Branded Websites, Walmart, Groupon, and wholesale channels to capitalize effectively on each of their offerings.

Requiring a full work week from the current ownership given the breadth of the company’s scale, operations from leadership include ordering inventory, sending inventory to Amazon, and listing rank-monitoring. Working with 7 employees, this company has a full-time warehouse worker, 1 part time warehouse worker, and a branding consultant based in the USA. There are 2 employees in the Philippines in charge of graphic design, Amazon postings, customer service, and rankings. Finally, there are 2 managers working out of India who maintain the Amazon account, websites, and invoicing while looking out for negative reviews, taking all product images, and creating text backups. With an expert team already in place, this company should transfer seamlessly to retain the current sales trajectory and is lightyears ahead of where most want to be.

From innovative technologies such as USB port extenders, shower speakers, and hard drive docking stations to medical necessities including blood pressure cuffs, supplements, and steam mask inhalers, this company carries a diverse SKU catalogue that can be further developed through the company’s vendor relationships and through the process of developing additional relationships in the subject verticals.

Improving brand development for these segments through enhanced social media development and influencers, as well as the implementation of retargeting campaigns could dramatically increase this company’s market share of voice to drive increased conversions and stronger audience reach. As noted, the best strategy for sustainable growth would be SKU creation.

From extending product categories to crafting variations on the current offerings, product offering expansions and creating product bundles – all are promising avenues to increased sales, especially given the strong sales velocity the company has developed through its current line. Additional scale can also be found through Affiliate Marketing channels, where many of the products sold by this company would thrive in a CPA environment.

This powerful business is built on an unshakable foundation of quality developed through 16 years of consistent success and growth. A strategically diverse set of brands, this company is an impressively profitable acquisition that brings with it incomparable opportunities for lasting growth across 4 different high demand markets. An offering in medical devices, supplements, technologies, and home improvement, this dynamic target is an amazing investment for any type of buyer.

This eCommerce Company Represented By:

Technology & Internet M&A

Listing ID:  WC2211


Asking Price
$ 12,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 5,864,088
Gross Income
$ 25,057,364
Year Established