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Medical-Grade eCommerce Retailer – 2 In-House Brands – Compression Socks, Hosiery & Sleeves


The target is a Medical Accessories provider housing two well established brands within the eCommerce space. With a diverse set of compression socks, hosiery and sleeves, this company sells products made by an FDA approved manufacturer, American made products that vary based on style, compression level and use to bring in varied markets, consumers, and seasonalities. Each branch of this opportunity offers over 6 years of consumer history and loyalty building that will carry seamlessly into continued growth and increased purchases. Leveraging an effective FBA model, this business maintains a seller rating of 4.9 stars as well as 4,566 Lifetime Ratings on their Amazon storefront and thousands of ASIN-level ratings as well.

This Internet Retailer is currently focused on American and Canadian Amazon and Shopify storefronts. It has the potential to be scaled into an internationally respected source for medical-grade compression, hosiery and sleeve accessories, as well as adjacent verticals into which the company could easily be scaled. These compression technologies are useful tools for athletes, the elderly and those with circulation issues, creating a versatile product space that lends itself readily to growth across the world, across multiple demographics and within multiple industry verticals. Uniquely positioned, this brand can easily be extended into overseas eCommerce platforms as well as audience specific boutiques.

This business will be transitioned with a solid foundation that has repeatedly shown results. With a 5 year growth point from $50,000 a year, this company currently sits at more than $1.4M in annual sales. Its 56 parent SKUs each carry multiple sizing, color and pattern options that reliably catch consumer attention to deliver a healthy ROI. Additionally, its FBA model ensures that your supply chain will remain reliable and convenient for both you and your customers.

In purchasing this company, you’ll inherit 85 ongoing PPC campaigns that drive sales to meet overarching objectives. The impact of these initiatives is analyzed weekly in order to keep this brand on its path of success and growth. This impactful marketing approach leaves the company with many opportunities for advertising optimization which will create more high value leads and, ultimately, incredible growth.

This opportunity carries both a current history of success and the potential for rapid scaling as both its brands distinguish themselves further as respected, reliable and fashionable sources for medical-grade compression accessories across the digital world. With a low necessary workload, this company delivers increasing sales revenue while remaining primed for rapid growth with minimal additional effort. As the new owner, you can decide what you want out of this investment and how you’ll get there from the numerous promising paths of growing market interest.

This eCommerce Retailer Represented by:

Technology, Internet and eCommerce Brokers

Listing ID:  WC 2062

Asking Price
$ 1,530,000
Cash Flow
$ 374,198
Gross Income
$ 1,618,109
Year Established