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Medical Marijuana Card eCommerce Provider – Strong YOY Growth – Great Team in Place


Website Closers® presents a specialist in the booming medical marijuana field. This innovative eCommerce provider helps users get their legal marijuana cards. With fully compliant frameworks in Maine, New York, Oklahoma, Maryland and Missouri, this dynamic offering has both a growing national profile and an opportunity for expansion. The company carries DEA licenses for their Nurse Practitioners as well as their Doctors. With impactful marketing practices, this company has more than 23,000 active clients and an average monthly visitor rate of 8,000 to 9,000.

Leveraging a simple process and impactful social media initiatives, this business has driven incredible growth. With boundless room for additional scale, this business could expand through offering services in more states, event participation, and improved advertising practices such as paid media, thought leadership, and content marketing. Carrying an average order value of $49, this company is a solid investment that brings with it an impeccable industry reputation and completely clean history of compliant practices.

The company leverages yearlong services and a top-grade niche offering to tap into their rapidly growing and highly restricted market. The barriers to entry within the legal Marijuana and cannabis industry are high, lowering the amount of capable competitors while strengthening the value of this offer. As this is a promising business with a solid framework and a huge runway of growth ahead of it, the current owner is looking to sell a majority stake in the business to a buyer that can help grow the business, and retain equity in this sale process.

As this industry expands, more offerings become more readily available which is a tremendous and constantly scaling opportunity for growth. Providing med cards in more states is just the beginning of possible SKU growth within this category and market relationship development is just as impactful an initiative. Partnering with distribution centers, targeted media outlets, and even seed-to-sale systems, a new owner within this space is sure to have limitless opportunities.

A reliably scaling brand, this company currently leverages organic social media as well as industry publications in order to grow their vast audience. This strategy can be improved with the addition of SEO tactics, paid media placements, thought leadership, video creation, and content marketing. Additionally, partnerships with influencers and affiliates will be keys to success in this growing field. Differentiating this company among the multitude of options in this young market will make all the difference for future success.

Spending an average of 1-10 hours a week on this business, the current owner is responsible for strategic planning, market research, payroll, management, and overseeing daily operations. These tasks are easy to train so that new ownership can step in, getting trained quickly, and be ready for success after the transition is complete. Now, this company works with nurse practitioners, doctors, customer service representatives and a VP of operations all working remotely in order to deliver this valuable service. With no physical space or inventory needed, this company has minimal overhead costs.

Streamlined and developed with compliance and quality in mind, this strategic investment is perfectly positioned to grow in tandem to its promising and booming market. As a leading industry player, this acquisition stands to gain tremendous traction and customer interest as the audience for this type of service grows and the ease of use with it. From their DEA licensed and fully compliant framework to their strong industry presence and impactful marketing practices, this is one opportunity you do not want to miss out on.

This Marijuana Platform Represented by:

Website Closers

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Listing ID:  WC2190

Asking Price
$ 5,600,000
Cash Flow
$ 716,872
Gross Income
$ 1,211,147
Year Established