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Membership Based Online Business – Massive Selection of eBooks in the Personal Development Sector – Subscribers Up 2X over LY at 5,000 – 54% Profit Growth

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Website Closers® presents a highly unique online business that uses a Subscription Model to offer a massive selection of Personal Development eBooks on their Branded Website on virtually any and all topics related to the sector. And it is working – the number of subscribers has doubled in the last year with 5,000 members currently on the platform. The company also offers these eBooks for sale outside of a subscription, but more and more readers are seeing the significant cost savings that can come by subscribing.

A selection is typically sold for $14 per book, or customers can pay a monthly fee upfront to obtain membership for unlimited access to content. This provides excellent value and, combined with the interesting topics and broad range, achieves a 55% membership conversion rate.

Sourcing is done via multiple master reseller licenses, granting the brand access to tens of thousands of books transferable to a new owner. Management adds approximately 50 books monthly, increasing customer interest and lifetime value. The audience’s appetite for the products is evident by membership numbers doubling in the past year.

A leading agency manages digital marketing. It is focused on Google Ads and paid marketing on Facebook and TikTok, yielding a healthy ROAS. Additional efforts include organic social media posts and engagement and automated email campaigns.

The membership count rises in direct correlation with the advertising expenditure. This implies that a buyer can augment their marketing budget, subsequently boosting membership numbers, thereby significantly enhancing sales. The sellers have a well-devised strategy and are eager to assist the buyer in its execution. They firmly believe that this strategy has the potential to double the business within a span of 6 to 12 months.

Products remain popular across the board and fall under the categories of Mindset, Health, Business and Finance, Lifestyle, and Family and Dating. Best sellers are books and programs that help people understand how to leverage social media marketing and influencing.

On average, both partners spend 1 hour weekly working on the business. Their primary tasks include:

  • Checking in with the marketing team monthly.
  • Approving content creation.
  • Answering occasional questions from the customer service department.

A lean but proficient group runs most day-to-day operations and includes staff in the following capacities:

Two contractors handle all customer service for a modest weekly cost. Another oversees social media, website content addition and general tasks. Finally, an Australian marketing agency conducts all content creation for advertising and all media buying across Meta and Google.

Notably, as demonstrated by their light workload, the business is not dependent on the owners. They have spent years building and implementing systems to allow it to operate and grow with minimal time and attention. They will familiarize the buyer with the existing systems, and continued success is all but inevitable from day one if the status quo is maintained.

Both partners are willing to stay onboard in a minority equity position or on an extended consultancy to ensure continuity through transition. They are enthusiastic about the growth opportunities of this platform and would love to help the new owner realize them.

Those growth opportunities are numerous and include the following:

Enhancing members’ lifetime value could be achieved through exclusive, proprietary content. Inhouse and collaborative eBook creation would improve engagement with existing members and attract new subscribers, fortifying brand loyalty and long-term revenue. Partnering with publishers for exclusive content would further expand the library and draw a broader audience, underpinning exclusivity agreements to establish the platform as a sought-after content destination.

Amplifying the brand’s online presence and organic traffic is achievable through a robust SEO strategy, optimizing for relevant keywords and creating SEO-friendly content to attract potential members actively seeking pertinent material.

Additionally, leveraging a 70,000-strong subscriber base via email marketing campaigns would nurture connections with personalized content, exclusive offers, and updates, significantly boosting conversion rates.

Emulating Netflix by transitioning into proprietary content or exclusive licensing would elevate member value. Original eBooks or exclusive content licensing can differentiate the company, ensuring content quality, user experience, and heightened customer loyalty and retention.

The eBook market continues to experience remarkable growth, with a highly positive outlook for the future. Advancements in digital technology, the widespread adoption of e-readers, and the convenience of accessing content on various devices have contributed to the sector’s expansion. Moreover, the market’s flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness have made it increasingly appealing to readers and publishers alike. With a burgeoning appetite for digital content and an everexpanding selection of titles, this company is poised for sustained growth.

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WC 3210

Asking Price
$ 2,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 712,196
Gross Income
$ 1,311,312
Year Established

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