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Men’s eCommerce Brand in the Premium Jewelry Vertical – 20% Repeat Order Rate – Strong Social Media Following


Website Closers® presents a High-End Men’s Jewelry Retailer that has set the precedent regarding what it means to make every day look extraordinary. Delivering both comfort and a modern, urban style, each of their Stainless-Steel rings and bracelets capture an essence of uniqueness and self-expression not commonly found among competing men’s jewelers. As the Global Jewelry Market is projected to reach $480 billion by 2025, they’ve cultivated a prodigious customer base in a sector once traditionally dominated by women. This fact poses the question: If men are traditionally a more challenging customer base to target in this niche field, how did this company find its audience so quickly, and win over their loyalty? It’s an interesting story.

Aptly named after one of the world’s most esteemed and influential artists, this innovative business was launched over a year ago under the oath to establish a space catering strictly to men’s elegance. Fortunately, they’ve benefitted significantly from the recent uptrend within the jewelry industry shifting from traditional Brick & Mortar shops to eCommerce. The convenience of a wide selection of unique and highly specialized jewelry products available through online shops – paired with high-quality imagery – has allowed companies like this to flourish. Thanks to these factors, they have grown by 149% over the prior year. Their initial rollout began with setting up Shopify stores in Germany, Italy, and France – those sites collectively turning over $200,000+ in revenue. Their U.S. Shopify launch, however, proved to be a game changer. As revenues increased, this became their biggest selling platform, and the company shifted its focus on generating steady capital on that site.

All of their products are fully branded and proprietary, sold in customized packaging embossed with the company’s logo. This gorgeous presentation coupled with exclusivity has built a brand image of luxury, excellence, and class that keeps customers coming back.

In order to further cement their reputation within the U.S. market, the company utilized an aggressive social media strategy. Instagram has proven to be a solid marketing tool for them, as their visually stunning products and high-quality posts have garnered them over 8,000 followers on the site. Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, was also invaluable for their marketing efforts. They have amassed 2,800+ followers on the site where they run PPC ads for targeting and retargeting campaigns.

As their repeat customer rate continues to rise, their customers now have a lifetime value of $53. The use of PPC ads on Google, establishing a search campaign for brand keywords, and targeting customers who were searching for their name have also secured them receptive customer outreach as well.

However, their most successful marketing too to date has been their email database of 38,000 subscribers. Accounting for nearly 10% of their overall monthly revenue, their efficient email marketing campaign sends a welcome email to each new subscriber who has signed up for their newsletter, and then upsell emails to those customers.

Jewelry, at its core, is a timeless accessory that knows no seasonal implication. The same goes for this brand as its revenues remain consistent year-round, save for an increase in sales around the holidays. The company now sells exclusively on its Shopify website but could see sales growth by launching on eCommerce giants such as Amazon and Walmart, exposing their SKUs to a massive new audience.

While they boast the record worthy accomplishment of sustaining such a high number of email contacts for new subscribers and upsell flows, they would open themselves up to an even higher level of profit by implementing a more aggressive weekly email campaign. Running additional PPC ads on channels beyond Facebook to platforms such as Pinterest and TikTok would boost their organic traffic considerably. This fresh rebranding also drives the potential for them to create new photos of their products and boost online audience engagement. The company doesn’t have an SEO program but could easily introduce one, optimizing their website for search engine rankings. Targeting influencers for tie-in campaigns could also provide excellent ROI.

As accessory trends and styles continue to evolve, this business could introduce new designs to their current SKUs. The brand could also begin marketing necklaces, which would have the added benefit of upsell potential to existing customers. There is also the potential for adding women’s jewelry in the future.

Jewelry remains an enormously profitable industry, raking in billions worldwide. As customers are more comfortable than ever finding what they want through online shops, this presents the dynamic opportunity to own a business that has done exceedingly well for itself and possesses the power to evolve into a true industry leader.

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$ 1,100,000
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$ 314,308
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$ 1,687,036
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