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Men’s eCommerce Brand of Shoes, Apparel & More – 300% YOY Growth – Top 10 Organic Results in SERPs – Improving Margins through Scale

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Website Closers® presents a thriving eCommerce Brand specializing in Urban Fashionwear for Men, including Apparel, Footwear, Jewelry, and Bags. Sales are generated worldwide, but currently driven by the US market, followed by a healthy presence in Australia. The business has demonstrated enormous 300% year-over-year growth and has vast scale potential.

The Business

At the core of the brand’s success is its most popular and foundational Height-Boosting Footwear Line. These innovative sneakers empower men by providing both added stature and a boost in confidence. With the ability to increase height by up to 2.5 inches, these sneakers feature a discreet design that keeps them looking aesthetically normal from the outside while hiding a unique secret on the inside.

Capitalizing on this success, the company is gearing up to launch a range of complementary new products. This upcoming collection includes formal footwear, smart casual winter boots, and lightweight loafers for summer wear. Management has skillfully combined practical solutions with luxury, creating a world of possibilities. The range is designed to be timeless and enduring, ensuring continued relevance and utility.

A notable opportunity exists in expanding the brand’s global footprint by establishing brick-and-mortar outlets in top-tier countries and partnering with larger shoe stores to broaden its reach.

The owner recently took the initiative to enter the German market by launching a fully translated website and running ads in the native language. This strategic move aims to accelerate growth in untapped regions. The plan is to replicate this successful process in the coming months in other high-GDP European markets such as France, Italy, and Spain.

The products have garnered the attention of Amazon, which has reached out to the customer service team, expressing interest in featuring them on its US marketplace. This presents a substantial growth opportunity that should be explored to complement international expansion. The company currently has no presence on Amazon.

What truly sets the brand apart is an innovative marketing approach characterized by witty advertisements and emails. The owner, who runs a marketing company, possesses a profound understanding of how to capture and maintain the target audience’s attention, as evidenced by the tremendous demand and rapid sales growth. No other competitors resonate with their audience in quite the same way.

Sourcing & Cost Saving

A dedicated team of sourcing agents and OEM specialists based in Asia can locate factories for a wide array of products while offering customization according to the company’s specific requirements. The manufacturing process is carried out under exclusivity agreements, guaranteeing a distinctive product range and safeguarding intellectual property.

Presently, shipping expenses are elevated due to dispatch from Asia. However, shifting operations to a US-based 3PL provider promises to reduce costs substantially. In the United States, this transition is expected to result in immediate savings of up to 65%, and in Europe, potential cost savings of up to 50%. Subsequently, there is an immediate opportunity to greatly bolster the company’s bottom line with minimal effort.


The business employs a comprehensive omnichannel strategy to maximize its reach and customer engagement. Its email marketing is recognized as a top performer in the eCommerce fashion industry, contributing to 40% of revenue. A diverse range of email flows and campaigns are designed to help visitors discover the perfect style and fit of shoes, understand the benefits of added height, and appreciate the brand’s unique identity. Humor is consistently injected into every email and ad, aligning with the brand image and resonating exceptionally well with customers.

Furthermore, management invests heavily in customized videos and images, with frequent professional studio photoshoots, influencer content reviews, and graphic design.

While certain platforms may outperform others, the company maintains an active presence on all, as they all contribute to profitable sales. Over 50 ads are consistently run across various channels at any given time.

Sponsored ads on Facebook yield the highest returns and accordingly receive the most significant budget allocation. These ads effectively combine videos and images to draw considerable attention, explicitly focusing on highlighting the sneakers’ height-boosting feature. TikTok follows closely with healthy conversion rates, while Snapchat, Google, and YouTube perform well with more modest budgets.

In addition to these efforts, the team engages influencers who promote their products through Instagram and YouTube videos, earning affiliate commissions via unique discount codes.

Automated SEO apps are employed to enhance online visibility, and a specialist is currently constructing an SEO strategy for the best-performing keywords.

The typical customer is a male between 19 and 49 who wants to enhance his appearance and self-assurance by gaining additional height. This customer segment frequently returns to make multiple purchases, exploring various color and style options.

It’s worth highlighting that sales consistently thrive year-round due to the brand’s diverse range of shoes tailored to every season and occasion.

A well-established team is already in place and is prepared to continue its role following an acquisition, should the buyer wish to retain them. The current owner is seeking a strategic partner with the expertise to drive the business to new heights.

The owner’s vision includes retaining a portion of equity for at least five years and acting as an advisor in marketing and product development. Additionally, there is a strong motivation to oversee the expansion of the business into untapped markets through horizontal scaling, which involves translating stores and websites into various languages.

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Asking Price
$ 1,100,000
Cash Flow
$ 315,008
Gross Income
$ 1,628,920
Year Established

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