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Men’s Premium Shoes Brand – Direct to Consumer Sales via Website – 420% YOY Earnings Growth – Low Working Capital Requirements


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that has seized a following within the immensely popular and highly evergreen market of Men’s Dress Shoes and related accessories. Their products, which are all sold under their own brand name, have earned attention from both male and female consumers alike, thanks to their fine craftsmanship, premium designs, and comfortable fits. Their lifetime revenues are now worth well over $12 million, showing just how effective they are in finding and marketing to their target demographic.

The company uses a strong organic marketing strategy consisting of social media, email marketing, and a thorough SEO program to attract new customers, leading to a steady influx of profit.

The global market that they operate within has also played a considerable role in their rapid success. The footwear industry reached $133 billion worldwide in 2022, with a forecasted CAGR of 10%. By 2025, it’s expected that the market will have reached an astounding $178 billion, which is highly promising for the future of this brand.

Footwear is a necessary product for consumers of any and all demographics. Different types of shoes are also needed for different situations, such as tennis shoes for exercise, or heels for formal occasions. And shoes need to be upgraded constantly – all of these things allow this industry to be evergreen in nature.

In order to suit the wide variety of preferences and interests of consumers, many designers and manufacturers work diligently to keep up with the latest trends and consumer preferences. Many choose to focus on building upon seasonal basics or creating footwear that will leave a lasting mark on the industry as a whole.

Though footwear is a sub-category of the larger clothing and apparel industry, it is an evergreen market that features many different types of high-demand products. These include, but aren’t limited to, sneakers, sporting shoes, business shoes, and the pricier luxury shoes. Shoes may be a necessity for different situations, but many consumers also prefer to purchase a variety of types that best fit their personal styles and tastes, driving market growth even higher.

This brand was able to understand just how important a good pair of shoes are, both for practicality and for self-expression, and didn’t hesitate to take advantage of such a lucrative opportunity. Here are some of the many ways that they set themselves apart from their competitors.

Since they first debuted, the company has blossomed into a trusted provider of fashionable shoes for men. While most of their customers are made up of men looking to buy shoes for themselves, they also see attention from women purchasing gifts for their husbands, fathers, and other loved ones.

Rather than use a generic product that could be easily replicated by other businesses, they have developed their own custom molds for manufacturers to use. These molds make it possible for them to create shoes that are unique to their brand and are made specifically to be large and wide-size in their shape. The company also sources from multiple manufacturers, keeping them from being overly reliant on any particular one.

They sell all their products under their own brand, and now feature 10 models in their collection. These include orthopedic leather shoes, dress shoes, high tops, formal dress shoes, and loafers, along with complimentary accessories like leather belts, dress socks, and pants. Their products are designed by professional shoemakers to ensure the best possible design quality and comfort, then extensively tested before going to the shelves.

The company now ships nearly 300 orders per day, and outside of a sharp spike during the holiday season, enjoys consistent sales year-round. As their Average Order Value now sits at $86, these sales quickly add up to massive profit for the business. Their success is proof of the popularity and evergreen nature of men’s footwear and is incredibly promising for their future.

The company has constructed a fantastic organic marketing campaign through their use of social media. They have performed excellently on Facebook and TikTok, having over 10,000 followers on the former, and witnessing millions of views on their posts on the latter. TikTok has been especially effective in generating traffic, being responsible for over 10% of their total revenue.

They also have a thorough email marketing campaign, which lets them make effective use of the over 120,000 subscribers available in their email database. The company sends out multiple newsletters every week to these contacts, with this strategy helping to produce up to 25% of their overall revenue.

Another facet of their advertising plan is the SEO program that they have in place. This program includes multiple blog posts and backlinks, which improves their search rankings and the overall amount of attention. These practices have quickly borne fruit, as shown by the fact that they now have a rate of over 300,000 visitors to their website every month. Their SEO program, combined with their social media campaign, have become great methods of attracting new customers and promoting upsells among their existing followers. The company now has a Repeat Customer Rate of 8%, which will likely only grow as these channels develop.

Unsurprisingly, given the quality of their product, they have no shortage of glowing five-star reviews. This leads to yet another great source of advertising, as their customers are happy to spread the word of the brand to their friends or other consumers. To supplement these organic tactics, the company also uses PPC on Google and Facebook, bringing their footwear to the attention of those outside of their immediate consumer base.

The business is undeniably turn-key for its owner, who spends 2 to 5 hours per week tending to it. They are assisted by their qualified team of contracted employees, who handle the bulk of the company’s workload.

The buyer’s tasks will consist of making posts on social media, monitoring email support, and keeping in touch with suppliers. The current owner is also available to help the buyer during the transition, making it much easier for them to get accustomed to the role and their new duties.

The company has little in the way of overhead costs, as not only have they established strong relationships with all of their suppliers, but their key manufacturer can also provide 100% of its inventory. All products are DropShipped straight from the suppliers to the customer.

They are in a great place to scale shortly after purchase. They could easily boost sales by expanding to Amazon, Walmart, and eBay and using Amazon’s international platforms to pursue global expansion. They could also begin to hold their own inventory, which the current owner has determined would save about 25% COGS.

They could also add new SKUs to their product line and expand on their existing offerings. This would improve not just their overall sales, but their upsells and cross-sells as well, as there would be more for them to promote. The company is also in the process of adding recurring revenue through a subscriptionbased VIP club for first-time buyers. On top of that, they could start taking on wholesale accounts, broadening the number of customers they cater to.

Footwear that’s both fashionable and functional will always be in demand, as people want to make sure that they can look their best wherever they tread. As more customers discover this brand and enjoy their products, their sales will continue to rise. With little competition, excellent SKUs, and low overhead costs and responsibilities, this business is ready to take the next step to success.

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