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The target is every entrepreneur’s dream – a High Growth, International Enterprise operating within the Middle Market and selling on multiple Amazon Marketplaces, worldwide. With 100% positive customer feedback in all of the 8 International Seller Central Accounts they operate within, and with a large number of products that have been identified by Amazon as #1 Sellers in their primary categories, this company has built a solid foundation that will allow an acquisition entity to step in and focus on Scale on Day 1, rather than need to establish processes, vendor relationships and market share. With over $65,000,000 in revenue and growing, this is a highly sought-after Internet Company that has been priced with a reasonable multiple.

The Company has been identified as one of Amazon’s largest sellers of Housewares and Educational Products. With this kind of market share, and supported by 100% Positive Customer Feedback Worldwide, the business is able to leverage its knowledge of eCommerce and the Amazon Seller Central Platform in a way that few others can.

After more than 25 years in the catalog and retail space, the Founders started up this Company in 2008 with the intent of building a customer-driven, product-focused online retail experience within the worldwide Amazon marketplace. In 2011, they solidified their global presence by opening a European office and expanding into the UK and Germany. Shortly after, in 2014, they launched the business in Japan and Canada, furthering the International Network within which it operates.

In the US, this company is one of the largest toy, pet and housewares category sellers on the Amazon platform, and the 60th-largest across all categories worldwide. This has made the company leaders in the Amazon Sector.

With a complete understanding of the opportunities and challenges that arise in managing and maintaining a brand within the fast-growing world of e-commerce, the experience, expertise, and reach gained through this acquisition is a once in a lifetime opportunity – not only from a sheer wealth of knowledge perspective, but also, from getting in on the ground floor of a fast growth Internet Company with no end to the scale opportunities.
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Asking Price
$ 15,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 3,323,587
Gross Income
$ 65,011,012
Year Established

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