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Military & Patriotic Focused eCommerce Brand – Weight Lifting Gear, Apparel & Accessories – 52% YOY Growth


Website Closers® presents a fast-growing eCommerce Company that has captured strong market demand for their unique and stylish Fitness Accessories, winning over the rapidly growing number of Americans who make boosting their health and physical fitness a top priority. This company, which originally launched on Amazon, has enjoyed rising profits over the past two decades by giving their customers products they can use while working out, including their signature steel water bottles that remain a top seller.

The company also does exceptionally well with its fitness apparel, having establishing beneficial partnerships with numerous popular clothing brands.

At the same time, thanks to their skill at social media marketing, the brand has appealed to military veterans, their families, and friends, and to Americans who value patriotism highly. Their marketing puts an emphasis on their support for the military and love of country, giving them an increasingly devoted customer base for their patriotic-themed products. As these SKUs become more and more popular with members of the armed forces, the company has increased upsells by ensuring all products cater to their target audiences’ specialized preferences. This has been a successful way for the company to gain a competitive edge over similar businesses.

The company has also proven to be particularly adept at social media marketing, with 200,000+ followers across its social platforms and the ability to connect with customers by emphasizing not just physical fitness but patriotism. Their marketing has enabled them to connect with the kind of buyers who appreciate the quality of their products and also their messaging, and the result has been very strong sales.

The company also operates in highly profitable niche verticals. The Sports & Fitness Apparel market is now worth $63 billion in the U.S. and $172 billion globally, with projections that it will reach $221 billion by 2026, a 4.4% growth rate. Ongoing health and wellness trends among consumers have been driving this vertical to considerably higher profits, and consumers have become more conscious of what they wear to gyms and fitness centers as they schedule an active health regimen.

At the same time, the global fitness gear market exceeded $15 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to continue growing by 4% annually through 2032. The ongoing trends toward staying in shape, reducing weight, and becoming more physically fit has kept these sales rising.

With two decades of experience cultivating their customer base, the brand now enjoys impressive profit margins and significant year-over-year growth on their $73 Average Order Value, for products sold across multiple channels. Because of the unique and diverse nature of their products, the company faces no direct competition in its niche, and has numerous appealing scale opportunities awaiting a buyer.

The Company

This business was originally launched on Amazon, where it did an exceptional job at attracting customers for an array of products, including resistance bands, lifting straps, battle bottles, and related accessories.

The company also focused on a customer-centric approach, using feedback from their buyers to consistently introduce new products such as door anchors, wrist wraps, apparel, decals, patches, and their growing line of steel bottles.

In fact, their steel water bottles and nylon outer sleeves have become their top-selling products, available now in diverse colors, designs, and sizes. All of their products are sold under the company’s brand name.

The brand maintains the added benefit of having products that sell year-round, with certain SKUs peaking at different times of the year, all the while delivering strong recurring revenues. Their popular bottles, for example, tend to peak during the holiday season and have become coveted gift items during Christmas time.

While profits remain high on Amazon, the company’s sales are now evenly distributed between Amazon and their own Shopify website, and both the Amazon storefront and website emphasize the patriotic themes of their gear and accessories.

The core brand portfolio is patented and trademarked, and the company now sells 60 SKUs, with an additional seven in the works. Because of their strong relationship with several popular clothing companies across the globe, the brand is licensed to use artwork provided by the clothing company for a royalty fee.


All orders made either through their Amazon platform or Shopify are handled by Fulfillment By Amazon, with inventory maintained at FBA facilities as well as a California-based 3PL.

This has given the company a reputation for fast deliveries and first-rate customer service. If a specific product sells out at Amazon, the company can quickly shift shipments to its 3PL as they wait for inventory to get replenished.

Because this business is so highly automated, the current ownership works only a few hours per week, using part-time contractors to assist with managing the Amazon storefront, social media, customer service, and logistics.


Strategic social media marketing has been a key to the company’s ongoing success and profitability. The company has demonstrated a solid talent for attracting followers on their social platforms, including 95,000+ on Instagram, 30,000+ followers on Facebook, and 86,000+ subscribers to their YouTube channel. Their informative and educational videos have attracted nearly 24,000 views from their followers.

Images of their products and their videos have boosted brand awareness and built up their customer loyalty because of their high level of customer interaction they maintain.

The company has numerous excellent scale opportunities, including through the launching of nutritional fitness supplements to compete in the supplements space, and by continuing to introduce new products and by offering variations on the most popular existing ones.

With a very distinctive presence in a profitable niche space and the ability to consistently communicate with their audience, this company has demonstrated great skill at winning over new and existing buyers. Their devoted following and steady recurring revenues are a testament to that.

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