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Rare opportunity to acquire a highly profitable, scaling Tech Company – known as one of the leading mobile gaming portfolio companies in the industry. With an average 5.01 Million Monthly Downloads and 45.6 Million Impressions per month, and growing, this technology company has the foundation, infrastructure and scalability to continue its high growth trend for many years to come.

Company ownership and their team of highly skilled developers and programmers have consistently created a long list of mobile games that have both stickiness and longevity built in, which has created a valuable recurring revenue stream. The company’s strategy of continually testing new ideas to improve its games and increase monetization has been a core foundation of their success.

To support continued revenue growth, the company is currently rolling out a new ad delivery system that is expected to increase revenues by at least 30% in the short term. With a solid eCPM on the current platform, that will result in a significant boost to sales and profit. Additionally, the company is moving beyond revenue generation through ad networks by introducing the highly lucrative In-App-Purchase Model. The company is also developing a version of its games to be published on additional platforms, including: iOS, Nintendo Switch, Smart TVs and Steam. iOS alone will be a massive, additional revenue stream for the company, likely doubling its sales over the next 2 years.

This impressive company has developed an agile, lean operating model where it is able to achieve 86% profit margins. And since economies of scale have been achieved through efficiencies, as the company continues to grow onto other platforms, like iOS, there will be very little need to hire additional team members.

A deeply talented management and operations team is in place including HR, Project Management, Production, Testing & Optimization, Designers and Scrum teams – each with designated team leaders. Management meets daily and works with each team to direct resources through clear, concise documented operations handbooks and process documents. Processes are established to measure performance, and provide ongoing training and professional development. The company is currently made up of 31 team members.

Regarding the gaming infrastructure itself, a high degree of emphasis is placed on increasing downloads in existing games. Consistent results have been achieved through A/B Split Testing. This is a continuous process where the company’s top 80 games constantly have tests running, completing over 100 A/B tests per week. On average, these processes result in a 250% increase in downloads. A method of successfully re-launching previously underperforming games has also been implemented. Given the initial investment in these games is already amortized, this is a low cost method to grow downloads and revenue.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a high growth, high performance and stable market leader in the mobile gaming sector with limitless scale potential as it brings its highly efficient production and optimization processes to iOS and other platforms.

This Mobile Gaming Company Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 7,950,000
Cash Flow
$ 3,228,000
Gross Income
$ 3,851,000
Year Established

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