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Multi-Brand eCommerce Retailer in Home Goods & Kitchenware – Amazon Best Seller & Amazon’s Choice Tags – Strong YOY Growth


This Trademarked, Amazon Brand Registered Business, is an Amazon Best Seller of exotic wood and plastic cutting boards along with other home goods and kitchenware. Carrying only their own brands, this company spans 6 different segments and brands within the evergreen kitchenware industry. This incredible business has demonstrated booming growth over the last five years that shows no sign of stopping. This storefront holds 99% positive lifetime reviews on Amazon as well as multiple best seller tags. Their current trajectory have them at more than $10 million in revenue this year and a whopping $30 million in another 5 years. With amazing traction, strong supplier relationships, and an even more impressive brand, this promising company is an amazing opportunity for profits and growth over time.

This business is built with the intention of longevity. They have always taken a strategic position to avoid competing with China based sellers head-to-head by sourcing 99% of their products elsewhere. Creating products with real value propositions such as quality, uniqueness and brand messaging, they have avoided some of the more common Amazon such as competing on price, fighting for relevancy and jumping on short term trends. This company leverages their high-quality manufacturing agreements to generate incredible traffic based on their style, excellence, green initiatives, variety and top notch customer service rather than price wars and sourcing battles.

Their extraordinary positioning has been the key to this business’ current successes, however there is immense opportunity within the kitchenware vertical for social media growth and influencers. By highlighting their eco-friendly and stunning pieces on social media pages such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook this brand could rapidly expand their audience reach and awareness. This is certainly a soaring enterprise that is sure to bring exponential profits to a lucky new buyer.

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Listing ID:  WC2101

Asking Price
$ 8,759,876
Cash Flow
$ 1,904,321
Gross Income
$ 10,066,376
Year Established