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Multi-Brand Organic Baby Formula eCommerce Company – Strong Repeat Order Rate


Founded in April 2019, this unparalleled organic baby formula company has already shown over $12 million in lifetime sales and has simultaneously driven sales to a monthly run rate of over $1.0 million with 15,000 active, repeat customers.

This company sells three brands of European baby formulas: Hipp; Holle; and Lebenswert (owned by Holle).  Currently, the opportunity only sells varieties of infant formula.  However, Hipp and Holle also produce a wide variety of other natural and healthy products that could easily be added to the mix, including jarred baby foods, baby cereals, kids juices, pregnancy products, and skin and bath products for babies, just to name a few.  Extending the product mix to add these additional items could increase the life of the customer 4-5 times over.

These organic, healthy products are shipped directly from suppliers to a variety of fulfillment centers (both 3PL and a seller owned warehouse) in Europe and across the United States, where the orders are then shipped to customers.

When your baby eats better, your baby feels better! Countless parents comment on how after switching to an organic European formula, their baby has less gas and reflux.  Many parents also notice:

-More regular bowel movements.

-Resolved sensitivity issues.

-Reduced allergies or allergic reactions.

-Less fussiness from poor digestion and more smiles!

Organic baby formulas like Hipp and Holle are made from the highest possible quality and standards. All ingredients are sourced from biodynamic farms, which allow livestock to feed on lush pastures and prohibit the use of antibiotics and pesticides. Other quality ensuring policies are considered in the choice of soil, planting and processing and are key considerations present in every HiPP, Holle and Lebenswert organic jar.

All of the European made formulas are produced according to European Union, or EU, standards. EU standards for infant formulas are closer to the standards of drug companies and require much more from manufacturers and sellers than any guidelines set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, also known as the FDA.

The owner is open to selling 100% of the company but maintaining equity would be entertained for the right buyers.  Any sales transition will be quite seamless and efficient as this company is run entirely online and relocation to anywhere in the world is possible as the current operators are not tied to any physical location.

This company has gone through significant changes over the last three months as management has migrated its focus beyond just top line sales growth towards supply chain optimization and profitability.  These changes have included the identification of multiple lower-cost suppliers, reduced transportation costs through partnerships with key shipping providers, and reducing unneeded or duplicative operational expenses.

This eCommerce Retailer Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC2111

Asking Price
$ 8,750,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,750,599
Gross Income
$ 12,736,316
Year Established