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Multi Brand Subscription Box eCommerce Company in the Survivalist Space – 42% Recurring Purchasers – A Netflix TV Special

Survivalist Gear FBA

Website Closers® presents a tactical grouping of 3 industry leading brands in the survivalist space. This acquisition carries popular subscription boxes and products in rugged targeted categories such as survival themed event boxes, explosive themed skin and beard care, and meat and charcuterie boxes – all with super strong Repeat Order Rates. Ages of the brands range from 2 years (for the smallest) up to 6 years (for the largest), all with dynamic marketing practices and strong consumer loyalty driving an average of 42% Repeat Purchases across all businesses.

Earning a cumulative 3.3 million website visitors in 2020, these well-known companies have been featured in more than 15 different publications including CNBC, CNN, Men’s Journal, The New York Times, and more. They even have their own Netflix Special. Bringing with it an aggregate email database of more than 417,000 contacts, this company could effectively grow through direct marketing. With a multitude of scaling opportunities from channel diversification to influencer marketing, these impactful brands have shown 100 % YOY growth across the tactical and survivalist space that can be effectively leveraged for lasting success by a capable, business minded buyer.

The first of these brands was launched in 2015 and saw immediate success, offering 4 tiers of subscription packages, with 40% of their customers choosing the most expensive Pro Plus option with an AOV of $150 per month.  Expanding from a subscription box only model, the company has diversified into additional secondary revenue streams including one-time sales (traditional ecommerce), Amazon sales, eBay sales, and the occasional wholesale transaction.  Secondary revenue streams currently account for approximately 12% of revenues, but represents a huge opportunity for growth.

In July of 2020, Netflix launched an Original TV Series that featured the crew of this company testing out survival gear in real-life situations.  The Special has helped to increase the notoriety and popularity of the brand, as well as to broaden the customer base while driving a massive repeat order rate.  Notwithstanding this, the team has relied primarily on the power of social media to create this internet giant with 270,000+ followers on Facebook, 57,000+ followers on Instagram and over 300,000+ opt-in email subscribers for this brand.

Similarly focused on community connection, the other 2 brands within this highly lucrative portfolio have accrued approximately 25,000 Instagram followers and 120,000 Facebook followers to deliver tremendous audience reach and engagement. Promoting each brand separately to capitalize on their specific market niches, these companies have flourished effectively and impressively to command an unrivaled market share. Growing this industry leading enterprise, a new owner could further optimize each website and Amazon storefront as well as cross promote the content created such as survivalist videos, knife reviews, and more that are created for each business.

Operated by an experienced team of 12 full time and 15 part time employees, these companies run effectively and efficiently. The current ownership spends close to a full work week acting as the senior leadership team and are open to staying on after the sale if requested by the Buyer.  Currently, all part time workers and 2 full time workers manage 100% of this target’s shipping and warehousing needs.  A shift to partial Amazon FBA or another 3PL could dramatically lower the need for extended employees.

This company actively utilizes a dynamic and strong marketing mix that has led to a powerful 2.25 ROAS for each individual brand. Creating their incredible consumer reach, the companies use SEO, Google Ads, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, affiliate marketing and influencer marketing in addition to industry leadership through blogging, podcasts, popular YouTube Channels, print, mailer, email marketing, and more. Optimizing this outreach, a new owner could take full advantage of messaging stemming from cross promoting across the brands.

A truly dynamic offering, this portfolio of brands is an unmatched acquisition in the booming survival and outdoor/rustic space. With offerings in three different industry niches, this portfolio is uniquely positioned to lead the market in multiple directions while scaling effectively with increased interest and offerings. As a vastly successful choice in both the subscription and gifting categories, this business could be scaled through a multitude of paths including, children’s products, mixed boxes, themed bundles and more to continue its jaw dropping growth rate. With so much proven potential, this is an incredibly strategic investment for any budding enterprise.

This Subscription Box Company Represented by:

Website Closers

Technology, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2246

Asking Price
$ 22,250,000
Cash Flow
$ 5,214,077
Gross Income
$ 23,825,673
Year Established