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Multi-Branded Amazon FBA Company in the Survival Gear & Essential Oils Verticals – 5 Brands – 5 Years in Business


Website Closers® presents an opportunity that includes 5 brands in the Outdoor & Survival Gear and Essential Oils Verticals. These 5 brands have been cultivated on the platform. 2 separate Amazon Accounts are included in this transaction. The operation has been in place for 5 years and has grown over the prior year. 99% of this company’s revenue is generated on Amazon. All products are Fulfilled by Amazon, and thus carry the shipping, storage, and logistics power of Amazon Prime. The Survival Products include Fire Starters, Compasses and Thermal Shelters while the Essential Oils business is a mix of well-reviewed oils that continue to do well month over month on the marketplace.

As a strategically designed business, this company has strong vendor connections in India and China that allow for seamless and swift SKU expansion as well as strong terms. This company already stands out well in its class, however, there is an immediate opportunity to grow this business. This proven opportunity could be scaled through channel development, improved social media use, SKU expansion, driving website traffic and landing page development, and influencer marketing.

The brands achieve an Average Order Value of $10 – $12. There are 4 Trademarks and 1 Patent included in this transaction. The breadth of the business has reduced seasonality and concentration, making it a great business not only for past cash flow purposes, but also for expansion purposes given the 2 Amazon Accounts, multiple vendors and the foundation in place to grow this business rapidly across all verticals.

Leveraging a 100% stock model, this company utilizes both their own storage facility and Amazon FBA for all their shipping requirements. Their maturity in business and longstanding relationships have set this business up for preferential treatment from vendors and their target audience as a whole. However, they currently market themselves only through Amazon and really don’t focus on their websites at all. They are not driving traffic to their branded sites at this moment.

An early adapter and trend setter across their many verticals, this company is widely recognized for its business prowess, integrity, and quality. Their long history of success and reliability is sure to be an asset to any new owner.

Dedicating very few hours each week, the  current owner is responsible for all executive and managerial tasks as well as product management and development. These core functions could be effectively managed by a new owner without the need to hire anybody. If the buyer would like to accelerate sales, then a VA or 1 employee could be beneficial to help with Customer Service, Research & Development, Product Launches and/or Inventory Management.

Growth for this business is the most exciting opportunity in this listing. While no preexisting statistics for the Emergency Preparedness Market exist, we were able to estimate based on available information that the size of the market is around $5 Billion. The categories include water storage and filtration, tools and equipment, transportation, and shelter. Through our research, we were able to identify clear growth not just in recent years, but in the foregoing years. Regarding Essential Oils, the market value worldwide is expected to grow from around $17 Billion in 2017 to about $27 Billion by 2022. Europe accounts for the largest share of the global essential oils market, with the Asia Pacific region and North America tying for second place. Through growth in both products lines and international expansion, this business can jump on the backs of both markets and continue to drive incremental revenue and growth without taking any big steps from a working capital standpoint.

A promising and entirely established opportunity, these 5 brands offer lasting success and great margins to any capable buyer. Involved in multiple industries, this acquisition is an investment with phenomenal competitive advantage and brand awareness.

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Listing ID:  WC2171

Asking Price
$ 800,000
Cash Flow
$ 179,690
Gross Income
$ 643,032
Year Established

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