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Multi-Branded eCommerce Retailer in the Health & Wellness Industry – Skincare & Nutritional Supplements – 70% Repeat Customer Rate


Website Closers® presents an astoundingly profitable business with not one, but two thriving brands in operation. Its years of experience have allowed them to flourish in the niche Health & Wellness industry, with specifically, one brand in the skincare vertical, and the other in Dietary Supplements. Each have a highly diverse mix of SKUs and sales channels that other companies struggle to reach. They have developed a widespread following in both the United States and internationally, which has laid the foundation for a number of immediate scale opportunities in the business’ future. 

Skincare Brand

The skincare brand was founded 30+ years ago, and over the course of its lifetime has developed more than 45 SKUs, which consist of a unique line of serums and skin treatments for customers. The brand utilizes proprietary formulas for their product offerings (as does the Supplements Brand). Their SKUs are divided into several categories, including anti-aging, sensitive and irritated skin, and eye area treatment, which have all become very popular among the demographic of women between the ages of 33 and 55. Their serums and cremes have been especially well-received, and make up 34% of total sales.

Today, 25 of the company’s products are retail-sized, and are available on eCommerce websites such as Amazon and their own website. They’ve seen incredible success through their DTC channels, and have achieved an Average Order Value of $110 USD, along with a stunning Return Customer Rate of 70%.

Their remaining 22+ products are professionally sized and carefully made for B2B sales. These SKUs are often purchased by spas and salons who are interested in using the company’s high-quality products, as well as physicians’ offices, pharmacies, department stores, and specialized beauty retail shops. These clients have let the company develop a strong presence within the wholesale market, and many have purchased thousands of dollars’ worth of products throughout the years for their own businesses. 

One strong advantage that the company has over its competitors is that most of their products are made with distinct formulas they have developed over the years and are manufactured specifically for them. These products are sold exclusively under their brand, which has helped their name become as well-known within the industry as it is today. The company has successfully expanded to 15+ regions, including, but not limited to, the United States, Canada, and several countries in Asia. 

Additionally, they have also built up an active presence on various social media platforms, which makes it easier to find new customers and maintain their loyalty. They currently have 3,800+ followers on Instagram, while their Facebook account has an incredible 23,000+. Their frequent posts and engagement with their audience brings in a hefty amount of organic growth, and factors into their monthly average of 1,650+ visits to their website. 

This brand exists within a prosperous global market. There has been a growing demand for skincare products as more of the population becomes aware of the importance of taking care of your skin. Acne, scars, tanning, and aging can all take a toll on one’s skin, which impacts how they’re perceived by others and their own self-esteem. 

Women are not the only ones who are concerned about skincare either. In a 2019 survey, the results found that 89.5% of men expressed worry over skin issues. This rising interest from men and women alike toward skincare has caused a boom in the industry, and it is expected that by 2027, the global skincare market will have reached a staggering $185 billion USD.

Supplements Brand

The business’ other brand has also grown to be highly lucrative. While this 7-year-old-company was initially founded to create nutritional supplements for patients suffering from ALS, it has since expanded to help with Parkinson’s disease, as well as other conditions that require specialized dietary aids. They have 15 SKUs, along with 6 Neuro-Health protocol bundles, which focus primarily on neurological health. Their formulas are crafted to ensure improved cognitive function, a strengthened immune system, and better nervous system, skin, hair, nails, and joint health. 

These supplements were scientifically formulated, are unique to the brand, and are manufactured entirely in am Underwriter’s Laboratory-listed (UL), Natural Products Association member (NPA), and FDA inspected facility within the United States. The company’s focus on quality, research-backed products has allowed them to gain a Return Customer Rate of 74%, and an Average Order Value of $230 USD DTC, with the average customer ordering from the company roughly 6 times per year.

Their main demographic consists of men between the ages of 50 and 70 and make up about 65% of their DTC customers. The aging Baby Boomer population is increasingly on the hunt for ways to strengthen their brain function as they grow older, in order to make sure they can stay focused, on task, and ready to keep pursuing their goals. This places the company at a highly valuable position, with their products continuing to grow more in demand as generations of people grow older. 

Like their sibling brand, while they sell on their website and on Amazon, they also see healthy profits from wholesale and business clients. They have several clients that have stayed with the brand for several years and have made massive purchases during that time. The company has earned an Average Order Value of $500 USD among these wholesale customers, with orders typically being made every 6 weeks. 

They have grown significantly through a carefully constructed marketing plan consisting of PPC advertisements on Bing, Google, and Amazon. They have also started up their own social media account, with a following of 1,700+. This plan has allowed the company to grow the monthly visitor rate on their website to 3,500+ on average. 

Despite having two brands to manage under the business’ umbrella, the current owners spend a manageable 35 hours per week running it. Their responsibilities consist of sales, marketing, and strategizing, with a capable and experienced team of 5 employees handling the bulk of the work. This allows for the skin care brand to ship out an average of 12 orders per day, and the nutritional brand to ship out an average of 7, all without compromising their phenomenal customer service or the quality of their products. 

There truly is enormous growth potential available for this company. Though both brands already have great marketing strategies centered around their social media platforms, SEO keywords and PPC ad spend, they could expand these campaigns to include influencer and affiliates marketing. This could entail partnering with physicians, medical associations, and clinics to boost brand credibility, and bring in even more interested customers. They could also use Amazon to improve their global sales by utilizing the company’s various international platforms, or even put more attention on it in general to take advantage of the massive number of consumers who use Amazon on a regular basis. Alternatively, they could develop joint ventures with established beauty product distributors, retailers, and online sellers to become even more prevalent on the market. 

Finally, they could continue to expand their SKU lines for both brands. The nutritional brand in particular could add additional products intended to help patients with Alzheimer’s and other cognition and memory issues, along with other medical conditions. This company is rife with untapped opportunities and is set to enjoy marvelous growth in the next few years.

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