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Multi-Branded eCommerce Retailer in Toys, Art Supplies, Home Fitness, Automotive & Office Categories


This ever-growing target is a high demand eCommerce retailer operating under 4 established brands across the Home Fitness, Toys, Art Supplies, Automotive and Office categories.  Selling only proprietary products, this company has a catalogue of more than 120 SKUs that drive incredible growth and returns. Carrying a 66% year over year growth rate as well as an average order value of $23.66, these accelerating Brands have earned a 98% positive review lifetime rating on Amazon, along with multiple Amazon Choice and Best Seller Tags.

This impressive company has limitless opportunities to scale. Currently selling across multiple international Amazon platforms and Shopify, expansion to fitness storefronts or big box stores would effectively boost profits. Additionally, engaging in extended marketing initiatives such as SEO, Google Advertising, and paid media is sure to enhance sales across the board. Also, getting active on social media for each brand both organically and on the paid front will catapult brand awareness, loyalty, and sales. This flourishing company has a track record of amazing success and unparalleled growth which is sure to become an effective investment for any capable buyer.

The core of this company’s amazing growth is its unique SKU line in combination with its highly effective business model. Carrying only proprietary and patented products, this brand has strategically differentiated itself and its offerings.  With an evergreen lifecycle product line that is highly designed, unique and exclusively offered, customers are delighted both functionally and aesthetically with this company’s well developed offerings.

Some of the most promising paths to success in this exceedingly profitable market are expanding selling platforms onto channels such as as well as on brick and mortar storefronts. Additionally, this company could be elevated by additional offerings within their verticals such as a fitness app which is already in progress, custom sticker options, custom children’s puzzles, and more custom offerings. These initiatives, along with extended marketing efforts such as, paid media, SEO, and Google Ads are sure to skyrocket this company’s already impressive revenue.

Carrying more than 120 SKUs, this ever-growing opportunity employs an FBA shipping model in conjunction with a third-party warehousing and shipping platform based in Southern California. Operating multiple extremely profitable digital storefronts, this offering carries seller profiles on multiple Amazon international platforms, eBay, and their own branded sites.

With some seasonality, this company sees a profitable boost during Q4 with strong cash flow year-round. Much of the holiday spike is attributed to their toy category, however fitness products spike early in the year and over the summer months.

Current ownership dedicates 40 hours per week to maintaining and growing this lucrative company.  Most of their responsibilities center on developing new products, creating Amazon listings, package design, employee management, establishing source manufacturing agreements, deciding on company software, making strategic scaling decisions and choosing which product and growth opportunities to pursue. These obligations could be easily lowered by employing another trusted manager.

While the company has already grown tremendously, and continues to show strong scaling trends, it utilizes only Amazon PPC opportunities and minimal email marketing for all traffic generation. This leaves a limitless opportunity to scale through effective advertising initiatives. Social media both paid and organic is always a strong driver, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook would be the most impactful channels for these two brands. Additionally, a more engaging use of their vast emailing list is sure to raise awareness, loyalty, and sales revenue.

This offering is a strategically built company that is perfectly positioned for continued success and growth. With highly designed, unique, proprietary and patented products that delight customers functionally and aesthetically, this evergreen company drives amazing returns across platforms and life-cycles alike. With unparalleled returns and unimaginable potential, this is one investment opportunity that any capable buyer will jump at.

This Amazon FBA Retailer Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC2105



Asking Price
$ 4,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 994,384
Gross Income
$ 6,068,830
Year Established