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The target is a high growth consumer products eCommerce retailer offering 2 brands in the home goods category, primarily focused around cooking. The flagship brand has high volume sellers of knife rolls, knife bags, knife storage blade protectors and fabric-based tool aprons. The 2nd brand is smaller and more mainstream with a focus on beer bottle insulators, chip and dip serving platters, cake related implements and snack food accoutrements, just to name a few. Products are sold via multiple channels, including Amazon, eBay and the company’s branded Shopify websites.

This in-house designed and proprietary lineup of products spans 32 SKUs that enjoy minimal seasonality thanks to a broad appeal across various subcategories in the Kitchen space. Seeing a majority of traffic driven from a Five Star Amazon Storefront, this business boasts over 500 buyer ratings, and an average product review of 4.4 Stars or higher, as well as multiple Amazon’s Choice Badges for keywords associated with the products they sell.

Offering solid SKU diversification and exclusive contracts with many of its suppliers, many of the products sold by this retailer are manufactured solely for this company – leverage in a consistently trending Amazon category with offerings found nowhere else. This business features a 100% Amazon FBA back end platform, which means zero warehouse foot print is required under current sales levels. Asking only a few hours weekly of ownership and CSR duties easily portable by a Virtual Assistant, this company will be easy to transition and relocate for any buyer.

Currently realizing 125% YOY growth and 24% net margins on a $40.97 average ticket value, this eCommerce retailer has a proven track record with minimal investments to date in paid media. Scaling instantly out of the gate with lateral product additions in cross-sell segments, comprehensive paid advertising campaigns at even the most basic level, or even brick & mortar expansion are all readily at hand and low hanging fruit for this business.

This Amazon 3rd Party Seller is a model citizen in its space and has checked all the boxes savvy entrepreneurs are looking for in 2019 – Situated in a trending culinary niche within home/kitchen goods with proprietary, branded products and fulfilling all sales hands-off with the power of Amazon FBA remote fulfillment, this retailer will be a stellar bolt-on opportunity to any business in this segment or a fantastic standalone profit center for almost any buyer, regardless of skill level.

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Asking Price
$ 747,500
Cash Flow
$ 204,780
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$ 851,940
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