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Multi-Division Digital Marketing & Web Development Firm | 180,000+ Clients Served | 7,000+ Monthly Recurring Clients | 100% YOY Growth | 35% Net Margin

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Website Closers® presents a full-service Digital Marketing Agency that offers a wide range of services to help businesses grow online. From website design and development to SEO and social media marketing, they have a team of experts, and multiple divisions within the company, that can help companies achieve their online goals. They are accomplished, highly successful, and achieving unprecedented scale, which has propelled them to one of the largest digital market firms in the country.

This Business has undergone a thorough Quality of Earnings process and has a Report in hand. Only an update should be needed for a buyer’s financial diligence process.

Why this Firm?

The company’s reputation for excellence stems primarily from its delivery of top-tier digital services that clients can depend on. While their focus remains on expanding their business outreach to assist more Clients, they highly value and rely on the positive feedback from their existing Clientele to vouch for the quality of their services. The team remains steadfast in its objectives, primarily centered on equipping clients with sustainable business growth services and skills for the long haul. Moreover, they prioritize accessible, high-quality customer service, ensuring availability to address queries or concerns from potential, new, or current clients.

Their dedication to crafting action plans with feasible timelines sets them apart, a collaborative effort that tailors solutions aligned with client needs and aspirations.

Beyond measurable progress, the agency stands out for its innovative digital marketing approach. Their continuous quest for fresh ways to connect and engage with their target audience fuels ongoing experimentation and testing of novel strategies. This openness to innovation has kept them ahead of industry trends, consistently delivering outstanding client outcomes.

Services & Marketing

The agency provides a range of services designed for businesses in every stage of their life cycle to help them achieve sustainable growth, market expansion, and long-term success. Whether start-up business owners or seasoned entrepreneurs – anybody can benefit from these offerings, which include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Ad Copy, Design, and Testing
  • Marketing Analytics and Optimization
  • Risk Management
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • B2B Lead Generation

Revenue is generated via paid traffic, and the optimization plan involves various critical aspects, adhered to via comprehensive SOPs.

Since its inception, the business has developed and refined Standard Operating Procedures and, equally importantly, enforced compliance to minimize risk and alleviate knowledge gaps. Four hundred ninety-three fully developed SOPs and 132 dedicated workflow processes reflect the various tasks executed by all teams. Management ensures consistency in task execution by providing step-by-step instructions on performing the task the same way every time. This minimizes the risk of personnel turnover and having “gaps” in workforce knowledge.

All personnel are onboarded using standardized training that focuses on organization-wide SOPs. All new hires are required to generate a Daily Report per the SOP by the end of Day 1. The ability or inability of someone to successfully adhere to the detailed standards is a gating process that ensures a new hire is of the caliber needed to comply successfully.

For an overall process of operational and transactional excellence across all steps in the customer experience—from sign-up, delivery, and the service journey—every step of the process is logged, tracked, analyzed, and verified to improve efficiency in the business constantly and to reduce the Cost of Service relative to achieving higher revenue. This has proven tremendously successful, evidenced by operating expenses dropping by approximately $4.5 million and net profits increasing by over $2 million in the past year.

The team starts with on-page optimization for the website itself. From there, sponsored blog posts are prioritized. Blogs are written for all business divisions and are not used to refer traffic but instead to rank well on search engines. As a result, when people search for the brand, it shows well.

Utilizing press releases is another method that has proven highly effective. These strategies all feed into supporting each other, facilitating excellent rankings.

Over the years, the team has refined the process, which is now significantly cheaper and more efficient.

Customer Base, Workload, & Transition

The typical customer demographic is American men over 40, primarily skewed to more conservative political views.

The owner dedicates approximately 20 to 25 hours weekly to the business. Daily and weekly tasks include:

  • Reviewing the standardized sales, talk time, and lead sales reports compiled by the team.
  • Checking in with external lead buyers to assess progress.
  • Calls with the sales teams to gauge success.
  • Speaking to ad networks to receive traffic metrics.

The seller is actively seeking a seasoned or strategic buyer capable of scaling the agency considerably. Ideally, the goal is for the existing owner to stay engaged throughout the transition period, slowly shifting into an advisory position. Furthermore, there’s a desire to retain a partial ownership stake in the new business, ensuring its continued growth trajectory and bringing advantages to both sides.

This Marketing Agency is Represented by:

Website Closers

Technology Business Brokers

WC 3254

Asking Price
$ 11,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 4,124,296
Gross Income
$ 11,873,049
Year Established

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