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MultiBranded Amazon FBA eCommerce Retailer in Women’s Underwear & Other Apparel – Strong YOY Growth


Website Closers® presents a flourishing Amazon FBA eCommerce company that has become a dominant brand in the women’s underwear and active wear categories on Amazon, building a strong customer base that has delivered a strong earnings profile, stellar product ratings and an impressive Amazon Seller Rating.

With more than 50+ Parent SKUs (along with a number of variations) that now include men’s socks and shorts in addition to women’s underwear, the brand has been averaging 200 orders per day on an average order value of $21. The company has achieved a stunning growth rate that not only gives a new buyer a tremendous platform upon which to start, but a business that is uniquely positioned to skyrocket to amazing new heights. This brand, which sells primarily on Amazon, recently made a launch into Amazon Canada and is already experiencing solid growth on that platform as well. Further international sprawl could easily provide an opportunity for continued growth.

Product diversification is another area where the sky is the limit with respect to growth, particularly by adding daywear, footwear and office apparel to the existing SKUs. There are also opportunities to build strong relationships with retailers such as Walmart, selling in popular fitness centers, and through improved SEO and content marketing initiatives.

The company was founded 6 years ago around a vision of producing high quality apparel at competitive prices. Current ownership started with a background in the apparel industry and a knowledge of Amazon sales and used both to great advantage as they began developing trademarked items in the category of women’s intimate apparel, including underwear, leggings, tank tops, bike shorts and active wear. The brand has focused on items that sell year-round and that are guaranteed to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Their goal has also been to stay ahead of the market by expanding SKUs and continuously launching into new markets. Their strategy has worked phenomenally well: the company has grown year over year and rapidly solidified their presence in the competitive market for women’s apparel.

Most products are sourced in Bangladesh, with seasonal winter items coming from China. All products are trademarked under their brand, which has expanded to include men’s casual wear. Most items are sold on Amazon USA, although the brand just shifted to include Amazon Canada as well, with very impressive initial results. Several SKUs have become top sellers, including women’s underwear in 5 general styles, bike shorts that have drawn rave reviews from bloggers, tank tops for women in a variety of colors and sizes, and men’s thermal underwear.  A rising percentage of sales are coming from repeat customers.

Although products have been selling consistently throughout the year, there are peaks during the summer for items such as tank tops and bike shorts, while sales of thermal underwear shoot up in the winter months.

The brand has benefited enormously from positive feedback from a highly enthusiastic customer base that has delivered a 97% positive Amazon Seller Rating based on nearly 8,000 Account Reviews and over 40,000 Product Reviews, and they now have 4 Amazon Choice and Best Seller tags. The company very effectively uses social media for new product launches, and PPC advertising through Amazon has also boosted their brand recognition. The company regularly interacts with customers after purchases are made to ask about their experience and build loyalty.

The brand has a new platform on Shopify and is working to grow the subscription model, and they also enrolled in Walmart’s invite-only WFS fulfillment service to guarantee 2-day shipping and to place the Walmart badge on listings, which has also helped sales grow consistently each year.

Sales have been so strong that the company is shipping 200+ orders per day, primarily orders, and they stock 3-5 months’ worth of supply. New orders are typically placed once a month.

Having quickly become a prominent seller in the U.S. and Canada, this company is positioned for immense growth. The brand is poised to launch into the EU market, where the growth potential in enormous, and to use SEO and social media initiatives to boost traffic on its Shopify site.

Diversifying the SKUs is a surefire way to boost profitability. The company is now set to receive plus sizes for its top selling listings, which is expected to create massive revenue growth this summer. The brand is also introducing new Women’s Activewear SKUs in time for the summer months. Additional growth opportunities could be found in launching entirely new products, such as daywear, footwear and items to be worn at the office. The company could also enhance its social media marketing, using fitness influencers to boost organic traffic and engaging in content marketing on Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram to dramatically expand the customer base.

Current ownership spends 40 hours per week on this business, with primary tasks that include handling souring, finances, marketing and exploring expansion opportunities. The company has three full-time and two part-time employees who oversee photography, creative design and listing optimization; a warehouse and inventory manager; a warehouse employee to oversee packaging; a remote customer service representative, and a remote employee who handles accounting and bookkeeping. The company now receives 5-75 customer service contacts a day.

This brand is actively growing on multiple fronts and with such overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic customer reviews and repeat business, the company is in a uniquely advantageous market position. The company is also well positioned for rapid growth both domestically and internationally, as their recent launch on Amazon Canada demonstrated, and could scale even more energetically by targeting sales in big box stores and at fitness studios and gyms.

The field of women’s apparel is booming one, valued at more than $1.3 Billion globally, and this company has taken a short time to become a highly influential brand name within this lucrative niche. As customer satisfaction levels demonstrate, this company understands its customer base and has gone the extra mile to deliver to them. As they continue launching new products and expanding sales into new territories, a new buyer will be taking advantage of a stunningly successful operation.

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